Durians for Dinner III

I love Durians. Period. And just this week, it was time for us to get some. And already is was in season. However, according to my Wife, the prices are not cheap this year, due to the weather. Still, having some for dinner is all I ask.

We got a few which looked quite nice. The nice man actually opened up for us to look at the flesh. In truth, we do not know how to spot a good durian. Sometimes, the telltale signs are from shaking the damn thing to its colour to the smell. To me, as long it looked green, has lots of sharp thorns and is big, its enough for me. But others would know the difference from a D24 to other species, sweet or just plain bitter. They're caled connoisseurs or whatever, I am not bothered. As long as I have durians I am ok.

But when I was younger, I would drive all the way to Bentong with bangkokboi just to get them. This was because my ex-colleague knows her friends who owns an orchard. And for the average price of RM90 or so, it overflowed our car boots. In the end, we gave a lot to other friends.

This is one damn nice durian

But the other side, it was eaten by worms and other growth

The discarded husks for the evening and we have about half more
which we'll save for Sunday

Even the flies went crazy just for this durian alone
The rest, they left alone

And coconut water in case we got heaty after eating
all the durians. I forgot to drink some and I now have
a sore throat.

Becoming indepedent

Ever since she was born, Kristine is showing how stubborn, impatient and independent she can be. As soon as she finds she can roll, she forces herself to crawl. And as soon as she can crawl, she is already trying to walk. And as soon as she knows how to use a sipping cup, she wants to hold her own cup and drink without a straw.

Unfortunately, unlike a straw, you cannot just sip and then let go. There is no straw for the liquid to trickle back to the cup. So, in the end, this means more work for me to wipe to floor and get you a new change of clothes.

There is no straw
(Only Daddy to mop up after me)

The Phaser Rifle II

Cutting by parts