Annual Dinner

Yeah, we do have annual dinners here, albeit on a smaller scale. You know what I liked about these type of company dinners? Here's a few :-

1) Less people means friendlier and informal atmosphere
2) No stupid lucky draws
3) No stupid themes and wearing stupid costumes
4) No stupid speeches

Good isn't it? Its a more "let's get down to eating" business and small talks. So, the dinner was at Sunway Resort's Sun and Surf Cafe which serves buffet. Since its near to Chinese New Year, every table has a Yee Sang dish prepared.

[Clockwise from top left]
1. Kristine immediately feels at home. Oh, dear
2. We can now trust Kristine to eat her own satay, provided Kaelynn does not sit too near
3. The Yee Sang. I ordered another one, which the Chef thought was for one person....
4. Kaelynn enjoying her ice-cream

[Clockwise from top left]
1. My first choice - Raw Smoked Salmon
2. An hour later, I get to eat after taking care of Kaelynn:
Its mostly sushi, raw salmon again and a piece of lamb
3. Both girls went out to play with the fountain/pool/lake
4. Experiment with slow flash, I think

[Clockwise from top left]
1. Normal flash
2. I always liked to take pictures without using flash but the girls moved too fast
3. OK, a bit of panning here (My favourite shot of the day)
4. Kaelynn at the bridge

[Clockwise from top left]
1. Kaelynn saying bye-bye to a boy
2. The night shot
3. Hotel Entrance
4. This one gives me a heart attack should it break

New costume

So, it was a few hours before our company Dinner and Kristine happened to come across one big shirt. To her, its a new costume. But what is her character? Superman? Batman? Vampire? I am not sure but Kaelynn played her part by "crying". Ha ha ha ha

Mommy admonishing Kristine for wearing the shirt

Kristine comes across her hapless victim

And what happened here? Was it a hug? A vampire bite?

OK, so I missed the shot earlier on, but she did it again!

Worng speliling

Yawn. I got bored on the road today. It was nothing
but rush, rush, rush to complete service calls and
maybe hope they will pay us in time before CNY

The biggest screw up

"I have fifteen pair of cables going from here to that Telekom pole. I have never been afraid before!" the customer told me in Cantonese.

And so, it began. The history is, the customer wants to move in to his new building a week before Chinese New Year. So, he rushed everyone to complete their job. Unfortunately, no one consulted us about the cabling even though they have their own cable guy. Which is fine by us. But the thing is, they have laid the incoming cable from the pole outside the building to the compound. And the problem is, the type of cable used were meant for internal building and is not suitable for outdoors. Since the cable runs underground across the road, you can imagine what happens next.

Before the week is over, the Telekoms people detected multiple shorting on the cable which rendered all THIRTY pair useless. And because there were no proper manhole, the cable cannot be salvaged not new cables laid in. And so, the Telekoms people decided to lay their cable from the poles outside into the compound. And I refused to reinstall their PABX because the cable contractor admitted he did not do any Earthing. So, we connected the normal phones for the lines and if there are any lightning strikes over the weekend, the phones would go first instead of the system.

And after the Chinese New Year, guess who has to pick up all the pieces (for free?)

This is a thirty-pair cable, OK? A THIRTY pair cable!
One look from Telekoms, they even refused to connect
it because they know this type of cabling is bound to
fail in less than a week