The Trip up North . . . Taiping (Final Trip)

This is it. Really. This is the final trip. This is the final trip we're going outstation together. This the the final trip for this customer too (until their HQ sort things out, that is). But for me, it is the final trip.

Servicing the customer there is a no-brainer since all we needed to do was for the Boss to distract the customer while I slot back in the card that has been repaired and claim everything is OK. Until the next lightning strike, that is. Ha ha. Actually, we drove all the way there to return a card and that's it. Oh, and also its for Boss to try out the tires that he got at Klang a week ago. this was because the Hyundai was using 17-inch rim which is a bit of an overkill for a 1.8 car. So, he traded that in, got a 15-inch and a set of new Falken tires, all for about RM500 odd.

Anyway, this final trip was also a good opportunity to catch up on two friends in Ipoh whom were both ex-colleagues still working there. A lot of stories too but I feel that Jack should write a book about it.

There is a reason why this was labelled
'RACUN' (poison in Malay)

OK, so the label says its 43% alcohol.
But in actual fack, its not alcohol in
the bottle. Either way, its poison

Before going back, we stopped by in Bidor
again. I love those kopitiam coffees.

But this time, instead of having the
Duck Noodle, I ordered pork instead. The
Duck, I packed for my Dad. He loves them.

Not only that, I got suckered by the guava
seller, an old lady because my wife told me
most guavas were too ripe and rotted. The
free one had worms in it. At least the other
foodstuff I bought was safe to eat............

Yeah, and this Shat Kei Mah, although it has a nice
packaging, Wife says its awful. Its not even crispy.
Yeah, so I got stiffed here as well.