Do not love your pussy too much

While waiting for the water (or whatever's left in the tank) to heat up, I was so shocked, and if my bowels reacted the same way, I would be the first guy to shoot through the roof with bio-power. There are times that when you like the cat too much, it will start to assume that the house belongs to it. It will also start to assume that you like her too much.

As a result, there is a dead rat in the toilet!!!!

Already the ants are coming

And this is a brainless rat (or was it deaf?) andone ant decides to investigate (near the top)

The irony of it

There was a heavy thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon. There was so much water and the traffic jam was horrendous. I took me about an hour to get to Sri Hartamas from Jalan Sultan Ismail (near Hard Rock Cafe). For the rest of the evening and until this morning, it was very cold. And then, there is no water in the house!

And I was about to take a nice hot shower (since I forgot to take my bath last night)

This stupid airport van blocked my view when I wasnted to take a photo of the motorcyclist preparing for the heavy rain (background). There was so much space on his lane be he decided to stay there. Only when the lights went green, did he move. Yeah, I got a bad picture instead.

At first, I thought that is an ideal parking spot until.....

I looked closer and realised that .....

The water is very deep