What the cushions are for

After scolding a G-Par which sticks to you like glue, and after walking hundreds of meters with my hands going black due to lack of blood circulation, and after stuffing them all as hard as I can into the boot, it has now reached its destination.

And so, out with the foam

And in with the cushions. It will take some getting used to and... hey, who slept in the custhoins!!! That was fast....

Jusco Member Day sale

Today or rather, tonigh was Jusco's Member Day Sales. And this is the one time you would not want to be in Jusco. but because its in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, the traffic wouldn't be that bad. Or so I thought...

The whole parking lot was full and the place was filled with people as if all of them have have descended from the hills at the same time, having never heard of a shopping centre before. It was a nightmare, I tell you. All of a sudden, my phobia of crowds came gushing out like a a dam breaking loose.

Everywhere you go, it was people, people and more people.

Yes, I feel like I want to catch everyone one of them ans stuff them into this.. thing, then let it roll down some mountain. Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously, this is great fun as the kids went nuts with it.

Nice Milo sculpture

And so, with nothing much left to do, I had to brave the crowds

WTF! I bought this two years ago and RM69.90!

I had a very bad experience when I volunteered to take all the cushions back to the car. Some fat shit followed me behind, all the way and kept 'pushing' me. So I turned around and screamed at her and she was shocked.

Dinner at the Clownhouse. everyone was tired except for the girls.Still, we got a lot of great bargains and they should be coming to our way soon.

Oh-ph. See Kristine's face? This is not good.

Yep, she ate too much. Can't blame her as she has not eaten the whole evening and then this sudden binge at the Clownhouse

Don't worry, we have the emergency poop bucket ready...

Finally, she was so pooped with all the pooping, she just plopped....
As I have mentioned earlier, we did find some great bargains. Earlier in the month, the same event happened at Mid-Valley but we did not go since it would be stupid to get them to deliver all the way as Bkt. Tinggi's Jusco was much nearer. But I am very happy to be able to make these decisions compared to those who have made them a decade ago, for their own homes.