Someone forgot to RTFM

Yes, the pouring spout is there, in
big red cover which is very hard
to miss. And yet, someone did an
escape hatch....

After the Digging has stopped...

By now, everyone knows that these people are digging up the roads to put in, what, I think are, fibre optic cables. Wel, I do hope I am right on this one because...

No one would be that hardworking under the
Sun. A normal copper cable termination only
need one person.

Also, normal copper cables do not need
to go into boxes like
these nor do they
come in orange.

So, do you know what this means? Yes, you do! You don't? OK, let me spell it out for you.

Fibre optic = More bandwidth = Unifi = More $$$ to pay

And but to be positive, its Woohoo! Time from now onwards.

The Coincidence Lunch

This is really a coincidence. But its a memorable lunch too.

Four persons ordered Char Koay Teow without each
of them knowing what the other ordered.

Second, three person ordered seaweed popiah with
one of them being yours truly. So, when the Lady
to our table....