System relocation @ Golden Triangle Part III

I am busy. Very busy. So busy that I cannot stop and just practically do anything apart from taking a few gasps of air. I mean, although the economy's going apeshit but we have a lot of work. Its the payment part which we're stuck, like many other companies. But we're still grateful that we're still together.

Today is just like any other day but to me, it felt as if it really like just any other day, except that it feels uncomfortably weird.

What better way to start my day with cat piss on my shoes

And also given free stuff on the street at Damansara Uptown

You'd feel special until you realise these are tampons.
And lugging it all across DU is so embarassing.

Anyway, today is the day that I relocate the system for the customer. However, in retrospect, I felt that we could have done this during the weekend as this would really help expedite the moving. But I am sure, they have reasons for the schedule. Still, going to their office is a new experience. This is the second time I have used a car lift in KL. The first time was in Jalan Raja Laut and it was a blast. Still, for this one, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic as soon as I realised that the lift doors were quite narrow.

I was given a set of their security passcard and also
to lock the door once I have finished. So, I am on my
own on this. And boy dismantling the system is the
easy part. Its the part where I have to carry them
to the car that is difficult as their office is in the 23rd
floor while the car is in Basement 5. And so, I had to
borrow one of their chairs to turn it into a makeshift
trolley. Ha ha ha ha!

And this is the toughest part where I have to carry
the heavy batteries as well. If not for the chair, I'd
be going up and down the building at least eight
times, which is twice had I not used the chair.

You have to press the button which is located some
5 metres away from the lift doors. At first I forgot
how it worked until I saw another occupant using it.
And then when I walked over, that's where I saw the
buttons. OK, panic's over. I mean, anyone would go
nuts if they're in a basement without any exit ramps
& cars keep coming in and disappearing into thin air

Oh just in case you do not know, the lift is only meant
for one car at a time, so you cannot squeeze your way
in like an ordinary lift unless yo're in a motorcycle.

And no, yo cannot use a lorry in there either

Ah, the glimpse of Sunlight and the street.
What a relief. Felt like a miner coming up
when the shift's over.

One thing I realised that when you use a drill, especially
a mason drill bit, never ever touch it until it cools down.
This happened to me when I laid the drill on sloping
surface and it down a bit and just brushed my hand.
The skin burnt off as if it was butter. Luckily, there
injury was only skin deep as there were not much pain
but just a lot of those clear liquid forming on the wound.

But later in the afternoon, it began stinging. By the time
I got home and applied some antiseptic, it was a very
annoyingly painful

By eight in the evening, everything is completed. I have
re-installed the system while my guys handled the cabling.
But by the time I told them it was time to go home, they
all disappeared in less than three minutes, leaving me
alone to pack my stuff and lock up in the dark. Damn.

BSG O2 Sensor Part III

OK, just a quick one. Was so busy and also my Nokia 5800's gone back to the repair centre. Had to borrow my wife's Nokia 6300 to get this video out. This is a simple sequence where the first press of the button gives you the red light. The second press gives you the green light. The last and third press would "switch" it off. Notice the red LEDs sweep from Left to Right while the green goes from Right to Left. Tell me if this is what you need and/or the speed is too fast/slow. Ciao