The meeting of John II

I know, I know. Its a Monday evening and we're going to have dinner in Sungai Buloh with Big Sister, Fifth sister and John. The main problem is that my car, the Bengmobile, has been sent to the workshop to have its Air-con fixed after I had a nice run to Seremban under the nice hot Sun. After the "sifu" there took a look, he suggested that I would have to leave the car overnight so that they have more time to "clean" up the mess and start the repair job. And as luck would have it, my Techs are not back from their assignments and so, the best the "sifu" could do was to fetch me back to the Office.

So, I called my Wife to fetch me because I felt that there is something about to happen (evening dinner) in the evening and also, because of the time constraints and ever changing plans, we have to be prepared. I had two choices: either I wait for the techs to return to the office or get the Wife to come over. I chose the latter because right after we got back and just in time to half-cook a 3-minute instant noodle, we were out again to fetch John & 5th Sis from the LRT station and on to the Sungai Buloh restaurant. Well, I forgot the name of the restaurant but its one of those surviving seafood ones near the old Subang Airport. And we went there years ago. The dinner was hosted by Big Sis and we were thankful for that. Someday, I hope I have enough to host some dinners myself too, as we can't always be on the taking side.

First thing which impresses the customer were
there rows of live shellfish on display. You can
pick the ones you want to have it cooked or
they can do it for you.

I don't really remember the fish pond but
then again, we were sitting in the front. But
I do remember the underground car park
and the wooden steps to the washrooms.

What scared these girls?

A lobster, that's what.

Kristine telling Kaelynn not
to be afraid at the same time
pushing her forward. Sigh....

Customers playing with a live

I was so engrosed with the dinner I forgot
to take some pictures except for these
RM72.00 dish. There were two crabs in
there, which makes it RM36.00 each.

What I really loved was the sauce. There
were garlic, both raw and deep-fried, some
mayo, among other things. Despite the red
chilies in there, its not hot. Just sweet.
And creamy. Unlike cheese, the wet-butter
sauce did not go solid when cold.

Later on, we went to Big Sis's house
for some light desserts and chat
while the girls were being entertained
by their cousin who came back for
the Holidays.

Some nice Astro program before heading home.
There's 5th Sis and John.

Although its late a night, the program is not over yet as we need to head back to Kepong so that I can drive the van back home (how else can I go to work tomorrow?). Everyone was tired in the car, even for John so I kept my conversation to the minimum. But I was jealous he got a nice shoulder rub from 5th sis. I secretly wished my Wife did the same but the girls were getting a bit cranky as they were tired. Anyway, from our convensation, I am quite happy with John as he knows about Monty Python, Star Trek and the likes. He even told me about his joggin past and greeted Patrick Stewart who was peeling a mandarin orange when he was filming Moby Dick years ago. So now, at least I know someone else in the family who likes Sci-Fi and John Cleese.

The tiramisu chocolate

A bitter tiramisu flavour on the outside and
a nice sweet almond but covered with white
chocolate on the inside. Nice but it costs me
about RM6.00 from those tid bit shops.