Accident in SS2

Just half an hour ago, I was involved in one. I was in SS2 with my Wife and Aunt.

By the time it was ready to go home, we took the exit (SS2/75) towards the LDP. There was this Wira which my wife said, turned out into the corner quite fast and nearly hit a motocyclist. So, the motorcyclist got pissed off and rode in front of them to demonstrate his appreciation. However, the car swerved a bit and the motorcyclist tried to avoid them by going into the middle lane. Which is quite close to us, so I brake but quickly saw that the car behind me could not brake in tome so I speeded up and overtook the car/motorcyclist.

Next thing we know, their car hit our bumper (they suffered a left broken indicator light, some panel damage and perhaps a dented bumper). Ours escaped with a scratch. So, by the time we got off to a safe spot, as usual with males, we argued to the point where we were about to show our fists. Only the girls (my Wife and Aunt and two girls on the other car) cooled the situation. I was quite pissed because that guy claimed I did not signal when cutting into his lane during that emergency. While I was pissed off because if I had time to do all that, I would have gotten a real fender bender and a possible murder (motorcyclist under the car) rap.

During the whole argument, the motorcyclist was there, telling me to report to the Police and he can be the witness (But we forgot about him, so he left, unfortunately). Now, that bastard says I am in the wrong and I should pay for the damage to his brother's car. (At this time, I was about to kill him with my bare hands).

I was about to accept their challenge to report to the Police but the girls interfered (my Wife was already quite angry with me) and so, we decided to trust each other. But she still believes that other guy did not stop in time, which in terms of Malaysian Traffic Rules, the car behind (them) hitting the car in the front (us) is always in the wrong regardless. And she is willing to lose her NCB for that. Wow.

But on another side, it is bad that I lost my temper so easily this year.

Damn! Now, I will be broke next month.

Update: 10:26

Ok, I just lost my temper on the door again, for no reason. And Kristine is crying non-stop. Shit

The ladies with the crispy Popiah

Too late for this car as its surrounded and it has a Parking Summons too

Although its school holidays, this boy is still working hard

Stupid accident at SS2

Just half an hour ago, I was involved in one. I was in SS2 with my Wife and Aunt.

By the time it was ready to go home, we took the exit (SS2/75) towards the LDP. There was this Wira which my wife said, turned out into the corner quite fast and nearly hit a motocyclist. So, the motorcyclist got pissed off and rode in front of them to demonstrate his appreciation. However, the car swerved a bit and the motorcyclist tried to avoid them by going into the middle lane. Which is quite close to us, so I brake but quickly saw that the car behind me could not brake in tome so I speeded up and overtook the car/motorcyclist.

Next thing we know, their car hit our bumper (they suffered a left broken indicator light, some panel damage and perhaps a dented bumper). Ours escaped with a scratch. So, by the time we got off, as usual with males, we argued to the point where we were about to show our fists. Only the girls (my Wife and Aunt and two girls on the other car) cooled the situation. I was quite pissed because that guy claimed I did not signal when cutting into his lane during that emergency. While I was pissed off because if I had time to do all that, I would have gotten a real fender bender and a possible murder (motorcyclist under the car) rap.

During the whole argument, the motorcyclist was there, telling me to report to the Police and he can be the witness (But we forgot about him, so he left, unfortunately). Now, that bastard says I am in the wrong and I should pay for the damage to his brother's car. (At this time, I was about to kill him with my bare hands).

I was about to saccept their challenge to Anyway, the girls interfered (my Wife was already quite angry with me) and we decided to trust each other. But she believes that other guy did not stop in time, which in terms of Malaysian Traffic Rules, the car behind hitting the car in the front is always in the wrong regardless. And she is willing to lose her NCB for that. Wow.

Damn! Now, I will be broke next month.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

One of the first things a baby can do, when they realise they can move by themselves, is to cause trouble. And when it comes, you'd wonder how can such a small person can do so much.

So, Kristine has now learnt how to roll all over the place. Which is fine until this morning.

Because rolling around in the bed with us (still in it) with a loose nappy full of fresh biological waste is a major disaster. Both of us were not aware of the situation (becase we're still recovering from last night's adventure) until she got whiff of a very bad smell (no, I did not fart)

By then, it was already too late because Kristine had rolled all over the bed and, well, you can imagine the rest. By the time we finished, we were a week ahead of our laundry schedule and pooped as hell. Kristine, being a baby, gave us a very nice innocent Angelic smile for our efforts........

OK, here's the thing I did with those Zoids figures

A night to remember

Since we had a relative coming down to visit us, our family SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) was to take them out for dinner. We had a few choices such as:

1) Teluk Gong (news about night robberies were not that inspiring)
2) KFC (Well, they had them there and our chickens are shrinking)
3) Some "Tai Chau" (It was fully "booked")
4) PJ Seafood Restaurant (What the heck, its still like Teluk Gong)

So, we went to our favourite haunt called PJ Seafood Restaurant. Its located next to the Tropicana Golf and Country Club. A few years ago, this empty plot of land was converted into a place for fishing and the restaurant was next to it. And because Tropicana was taking off, there were a lot of houses built nearby it. The result was that the restaurant was demolished to make way for more houses. But the funny thing was, it was rebuilt in a matter of weeks (Yes, its a very popular place)

So, we brought our relative there and as usual, it was jam packed. There were others having the same idea of bringing treating their guests, having a family's night out and so on. Anyway, after a few attempts of getting the waitresses attention we had our meal set for the night:

1) Crab in milky cheese sauce
2) Crab in some black stuff with lots of shrimps
3) Tofu
4) Fried Tofu
5) Vegetables

Suffice to say, the first dish was always the highlight because (a few years ago) its new. By the time we finished, there were some signs that things were going downhill.

1) Uncle Ho's Agents were not there to sell us any DVDs
2) Lottery Ticket sellers were there in case we can't pay for the food
3) My Wife had a headache (No, we're planning to sleep tonight)

So, by the time we came home, she was really dizzy. For the rest of us, the food was not that bad since no one had any problems. Once we had the baby settled, and after a few trips to the toilet and some gargling, she was fast asleep. So everything was fine.

Until my bowels decided to have a party. I was in the toilet for hours until 430 in the morning, and the liquid that came out from my bunghole looked more like black sewage. Byt one thing for sure, I sucked at my PDA's Solitaire.

The Zoids Model Kit

Ok, I have finished the Zoids model Kit. Its called Maccurtis Crawfish Type EZ-047. Heck, I'll just call it the Crawfish. Because this model kit is all fully plastic and has no mechanical parts, its quite light and best of all, its waterproof. Heh heh heh heh heh .. snort.. ha ha ahahaha!

What did I do with the figures? Coming up next.....

This is how it looked like without any paint and stickers

The underside houses the second figure

Instant Waterfall

I was at a customer's place in Kelana Square today when there was a sudden rainstorm. I did not notice it was that heavy until I saw the waterfall which flows on the glass of the entrance doors.

Nice waterfall effect but the puddles are getting bigger

Water from upstairs overflowed. Pity the guy (left) who was trying to clear the water

Coming up to the floor above, the place was flooded

Pasar Malam or how we got 9 dishes for dinner

Today is Thursday and by luck, my last customer was in SS2's Chow Yeang, where there are Night Markets every Thursday. So, I decided to buy a some some food for dinner. It started with some Assam Laksa, then some Acar and before I know it, I carrying a lot of foodstuff. By the time I got back, we can open a small restaurant

01) Assam Laksa (another packet for tomorrow)
02) Crispy Popiah
03) Tou Fu
04) Some vege
05) Steamed chicken with ginger
06) Acar (in Fridge, for tomorrow)
07) Sambal (in Fridge, for tomorrow)
08) Duck's legs
09) Pig's ears
10) Pork with some black vege
11) Nangka (OK, this is fruit, for tomorrow)

So, my Mom won't have to cook for lunch tomorrow.

This is a Crispy Popiah stall where the lady prepares them at very fas speed.

Today is an eventful day

Yep, today felt sort of funny.....

1) Woke up from a dream while I was dreaming. My Wife was shouting for me to wake up while I was dozing off in her car. And when I woke up, I realised I was still dreaming. Then I woke up and realised I overslept.

2) I was going downhill, passing by a lorry when I heard a familiar crash. The sound is like big plastic being thrown forcefully. I looked at my rear-view mirror and saw a motocyclist sitting on the road. Yep, the motorbike was going downhill and a car decided to turn into the junction. Always remember this, a verhicle going downhill is much faster than you think.

3) I dreaded going to a particular customer's place today (It cost me 5 hours worth of parking fee). Once I opened the car, I smelt a rat and I don't mean the customer was sneaky.

I accidentally parked next to a dead rat.
You can see its brains and the black spots were flies.....

4) The jam from Puchong back to my Office was so bad, I nearly had leg cramps and the journey took me one and a half hours. Then, when it was time to go home, there was another jam so I decided to go window shopping and got myself a Tomy Zoids which I wanted years ago. The best was, its because I wanted the figure which was lying on the floor and I got three figures instead.

Yep, I got myself a Zoids [Crawfish Type ES-047] for RM19.90

So, the box has 5 sprues, a sticker and an instruction sheet

Woo! They gave me three figures instead of one!

My mistake

Before going to see the customer just for a few minutes, I parked the car under the shade and told my daughter to lock the car doors. She is not to open the door for anyone except me. So, off I went to do my job and the customer's place is huge. So huge that I thought I spent an eternity walking while inspecting their place.

But by the time I came out, I saw my car's passenger door ajar. There was a bigger girl, dressed somewhat like a prefect doing a tug-of-war with my daughter. My dear girl was pulling and pulling while protecting her younger brother as well. I ran towards my car as fast as I could but my legs really felt like lead. I seemed to be walking instead of running. Then again, with my heavy equipment and since I did not tie my shoes, it was quite obvious.

By the time I reached the car, the girl was cooly walking away while my little girl was crying. There was a short plump lady standing quite near to my car, looking angrily at me, whom I assume she could either be the mother or a Headmistress. I looked at my car door, and realised its vinyl/plastic was torn away. I was so angry that I wanted to contront the girl but I realised I could be in the wrong since I did not see the incident. So, I kneeled down and asked my daughter what had happened. And in between sobs, she

That's when I woke up. I realised why I could not run fast enough because my dear Wife has convered my legs with a blanket. But that was a scary dream because I realised I could not help my daughter out of a situation which I have placed her in due to my mistake.

Star Wars Episode III

So, I made my Lightsaber, put on my last minute so-called costume and braved myself to be with the crowd. And its 10AM in the morning too. Anyway, there were a lot of fans there, each brandishing their Lightsabers and showing their costumes.

The whole event was jointly organised by CinemaOnline and UltimateToys while BurgerKing will be sponsoring for a Treasure Hunt this coming June 5th. Members from MyScifiFans were there, and they have been helping promoting Star Wars at various venues such as MPH, RHB shows and even All Stars Sport Cafe in 1-Utama. Some even took leave came as far as Sabah for this "Once in a Lifetime" event.

Although (not suprisingly) there were a lot of "complains" about the movie from the way Mace Windu screamed to wooden actors, bear in mind, its George Lucas's Star Wars. This is his World and we're priviledged to get a glimpse of it. And usually, there are some anal pricks who complains just to show off their superior taste and intellect. (except if you're complaining about Ewoks and Jar-Jar Binks, then I'm with you). I have seen some so called reviews which most of the problems starts when they're being compared to the real World here. Hello, this is real-life Earth and its quite different from the Far Away Galaxy Fantasy Naboo.

So, shut up, shove your small brain up your ass (you stupid critics), sit down and watch the Goddam film!

Episode III would be the last of the Star Wars films and it completes the two Trilogies. Episode III would be the movie which ties everything together and also shows how Darth Vader came to be. There were a lot of Lightsaber fighting and excellent scenes but there was one thing which I have problem with:

The Killing of all Jedis (Order 66)
Although they did not show the subsequent scene, the activation of Anakin's Lightsaber (in the foreground) in the presense of the young Padawans and later their bodies as discovered by Obi-Wan shows that even children were not spared.

The movie shows how Anakin becomes Darth Vader because of the ones he loved. So, when things did not turned out as he expected, it is very disheartening indeed. For him, there is no turning back.

So, will there be any more Star Wars? Until the TV series is finalised, we would have to content with watching 25 episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars (which would fill in the gap before Episode III)

Once again, please remember, this is Fantasy Star Wars and not real life Earth so, the usual rules do not apply.

A Stormtrooper practicing his weapon

I am about to destroy the whole Empire

Happy Wesak Day

So, today is Wesak Day and we get to go see some devotees devoting. Ha ha.

Anyway, before we reached there, I had a brainwave (while in the toilet). Knowing that a lot of joss sticks would be burnt and people quieuing/jostling to light them from the candles, I thought, why not make those joss sticks self-ignite?

Just like the matches, where the tip is dipped with some chemical, you can do the same with the joss sticks. Strike them on the matchboxes and they light up!

But then again, we can see some tough monks striking the joss-sticks on their face to light them up ala those cowboys you see in the movies.

The Search for trhe Slush

Today was a hot day and so I decided cool myself with some ProJET's Slush. After filling with petrol, I went in to get some slush. This is the ProJET with Domino's Pizza:

This has been empty for days and there is a foul stench

So, I waited longer until lunchtime, where I went to a 7-11 and got a Slurpee and a Piza flavoured snack. This time, the Slurpee is quite good and really slushy.

My lunch......

So, in the afternoon, I decided to try again, at another ProJET, which has a MacDonalds. They have Strawberry, Grape and Sour Plum. So, I decided on Grape since the Orange flavour was not there.....

All the Slush slushing around

Horror of Horrors!
The ice melted and all I got was a cool grape drink with sugar content so high,
I could get Diabetes in the spot. And because it was mostly liquid, my shirt almost got sprayed. Thank Goodness it only got to my hand.

Moral of the story?
I am not sure if there is anything to learn from this except that my opinion is correct. The rot has started and these are the results. There is no such thing as maintenance nor good Customer Service here. Even the girl manning the booth in the middle of the petrol pumps do not greet you verbally nor with a smile anymore. The infamous "Tidak Apa" (Don't care) attitudes of some prominent race strikes again.

Who called me?

You know, the one thing I did not take into consideration is that a lot of people might go through my Blog and Website either by the link or it has been pasted into some other Forums. Still, the end result is that someone who knew someone else who knew me or used to know me, called me up and (Thank God no one E-Mailed me yet) after much discussions, I am trying to get to the Sunday event to show how I made the lightsaber, that is if I can finish the Housework by then. But in actual fact, after much thinking, I realised that my Lightsaber is a bit too "boring". So, I happen to pass by a shop which sells stickers and I added them to the hilt. Originally, I wanted to spray paint it but I decided the sticker is the best solution since it will be handled a lot.

The Lightsaber with more changes

Five more days to Madness

Ok, I have just finished my Lightsaber and now its standing at the corner, slowly drying after I apply a coat of transparent gunk because its made of copper, it tends to oxidise and go black very quickly. Tomorrow night, I am going to give it another coat and also sand the transparent acrylic blade so that it glows brighter.

I had to make some last minute changes such as making the flashing LED from red to blue, and also the type of switch. I want it to look like those you see in the movie.

Now the only problem is that I do not have a costume except for my Jeans and T-Shirt...........

(Because if I wore a Star Trek uniform while holding the Lightsaber, I could get killed)

My Lightsaber

ProJET's Slush

So, after having the Slurpee at 7-11, I was wondering if there is any other place that has this in case 7-11 closes (Ha ha ha). The answer lay before me at ProJET. While I was refueling, I decided to get some drinks since the afternoon Sun was so hot, I could actually sweat out a cup of sweat (Not Pokari Sweat) and drink it back (On second thoughts, better not)

So, Destina (the convenient shop at ProJET) has the answer. When ProJET came into Malaysia a few years ago, it was an "in" thing to be seen frequenting the place there. I mean, where else could you go and pump in the fuel (almost as good as Shell's V-Power), park your car and have a drink/eat inside the station which opens 24 Hours a day? You could walk in and get the latest Soft drinks, Milo, Cofee, Slush, etc. And the food ranges from mini Pizzas to Paus (dumplings) to instant noodles. And depending on location, you can even enjoy a Domino's Pizza too.

And the best thing is, you can oogle at the latest wonderful sports cars which you can never get (if you're living on an Engineer's pay, that is) or even witness some car clubs having their sessions. Sometimes, if you're really lucky, some Policemen would be there to join in the fun and help change the whole atmosphere, courtesy of some cranky old man who cannot get his beauty sleep.

Anyway, you get the picture. So, I happened to see the Slush, er, slushing around in their respective containers and decided to go for a 22oz cup. There were three flavours, ranging from Sour Plum to Strawberry to Lime. So, I decided to go for Strawberry. Unfortunately, the Monkeys there mixed the signs up and at the end, I got Sour Plum instead. For you see, the sign above said its Strawberry and right underneath it, it still say Strawberry. But my tongue, (after some freezing moments) said its Sour Plum. Yeah, that is the problem with Destina and its never the first time they did this. Lest year, there was an offer for some chocolates and so I took a few only to be told its a specific flavour and I have to pay much more.

Once good thing about the Slush is that it has much more liquid than the Slurpee. You can see them spinning around with pieces of ice in there. So, after a few minutes, the ice at the bottom of the cup would melt and you would have lots of (whatever flavour you bought). And another thing is, after you have pumped more than RM25 worth of petrol, you can buy the RM3.35 Slush for a ringgit less! Still, there is a problem here.......

The problem with Destina as after their Honeymoon years, everthing went downhill from there. There is no difference now to any other projects or white elephants, since most of the people running that place have no idea what maintenance is. Look at how they manage Dayabumi and the Shah Alam Sports Stadium. I shudder to think how KLCC would turn out to be in another 10 years time. That is why, when "Malaysia Boleh" (Malaysia Can [do it]), they really "Boleh".

But I spy another Slush at different Destina which has Orange flavour. I wonder if I am going to get the same cock-up or not. I mean, after tasting 22oz of Sour Plum, it sort of made me feel sour about the whole thing.

This is the slush. Has much much more liquid than Slurpee

I was passing by Pasar Road today and this lorry hit the butt of a semi 4x4 (owner on the right). The lorry suffered a broken headlight and bumper while the 4x4 got a bent tube (bumper protector). The bad news is the 4x4 is Government property. The good news is, well, I hope there is good news because after looking back at them, the 4x4 was smiling and touching on the petrified lorry driver's shoulder, as if to console him.

Unser on my tail

The Toyota Unser is on heck of a workhorse, no doubt about it. It has great torque and with the 1.8L version, its like fitting a rocket to a van. Its like a step up to those normal white vans driven by monkeys on the streets. Unfortunately, the exterior design lacks the finesse that comes with the characteristics of an impatient brute. So, I am not suprised that a little old lady or a fine gentleman would turn into one when they get behind the wheel.

Yes, this morning, its the same incident all over again. (See Stupid Van Driver) I was in the normal lane and (at almost the same spot) there was this Unser on my right trying to cut in without signalling. So, there is no way I am going to do an Emergency Brake and let this guys pass while I get a kissed butt from the car behind me. So, the Unser guy had to slow down with enough space for him to cut into the lane AFTER I had passed, of course.

Maybe he's not in a good mood or he wants to regain whatever "face" he thought he had lost since there was a lady sitting next to him. Because the next thing I know, he was tailgating me. I know this because he was on my tail even if I sped up. Yes, you know what I am going to do next because he was so close and there is a traffic light coming up, he won't even let me slow down. This is a very dangerous and irritating stunt he is doing to me because I know that he is concentrating on tailgating me and he's is not aware of the traffic situation in front.

If I did the Emergency brake now, he would know I did it on purpose and this would be the start of a beautiful relationship. Coming up to a curve, I have a feeling there is something there because most of the mornings, there would be this suicidal DBKL cleaner who always sweep/clean the plants at the dividers. And they would always put a wheelbarrow at the side thinking that since its so small, most cars would be able to avoid them. By luck, the Suicidal DBKL guy was there (since he is still alive or got replaced) and so I feint surpise and did the Emergency Brake there and then.

Just a tap of the foot, I can see from my rear-view mirror (he has about a half-second reaction) he panicked, his tryres were screeching, and he fought to control the Unser. There were smokes from the tyres as well. After that, he regained speed (and composure) and switched to the middle lane in the hopes of (perhaps) killing me with his deadly stare. Unfortunately, this could not happen because there were other lane-cutters who did the same thing to him; cut into his lane without signalling.

Haih. One bad cut leads to another. Ha ha ha ha

Six more days to Madness

By now you all must have know that I am a little bit cuckoo in the head. I mean, who else in their right mind would want build a Lightsaber now (when you can buy one off the shelf at a very attractive price). With the current technology today, all we can do is just build a fancy torchlight with a coloured tube at the end. But it would be fun if it was real. Anyway, I am almost at the final stage completion. The casing and the electronics are all in and for that last touch, I stupidly lost the switch at some customer's place. So now, I have to buy another one in Pasar Road this Saturday. But hopefully, by this Friday, everything should be ready and I can act like a kid again. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Read all about it here

Stupid proverb of the day:
Trust me, its very very cheap........

I have two Bluetooths!!!!

Thanks to Angie today, my first Bluetooth headset came back after a warranty service. I was so happy and although she said there were no charge, I gave her Rm10 for her troubles. So now, I have two Bluetooth headsets. Woo-hoo!

Anyway, I noticed that my Jabra always pair with my SE straightaway once its activated unlike the other one which I have to manually pair them every morning. For the Jabra, all I have to do is just unplug from the charger and swith it on.

New Bluetooth

So, after a few weeks and near gravity related mishaps, I got another BlueTooth headset. My old Headset has already but the dust and although Angie tries to claim for warranty, I doubt she might succeed. Anyway I had my sight on the Jabra BT-800 for quite some time now but what stopped me was the price as it would have cost me about RM600 or so. But I am not sure now. There were news that Singapore was selling at S$170.

However, this time, luck was on my side because my brother-in-Law got one and found the hook too flimsy, decided to sell it to me. Suffice to say, I am quite delighted at this good news and also the price (Not posted to protect the Wallets of the Innocent)

Anyway, today is the first day I am trying it out and so far, so good as the voice clarity is there. But I still have problems with Voice dialing.

A big package for a small headset

It has a blue LCD which has callerID and also other menus

The jog dial for volume and the unmistakeable blinking blue LED

Burger King's Star Wars Promo

Pretty soon, in just a few more days, all Hell will break loose where nerds would come out in force. Yes, the last installment of the Star Wars Saga, Revenge of the Sith is coming. By chance, we happened upon Burger King this morning for our brunch with Bangkokboi for some business. As soon as I saw the posters, I really had to go in, out of curiousity's sake, because this usually means toys!

So, for kid's meal there were six toys to choose from every week from the Millenium Falcon to the C-3PO in pieces, a backward flip Yoda, to a wayward R2-D2 to sliashing lightsaber Darth Vader to a wraparound Chewbaca. Never mind these are the toys mean for Episodes 4 and upwards, I had to get some.

Because it was the first week, I got the Millenium Falcon. It has wheels underneath and when you roll it along, a bump in the hweel will cause the LED to light up. So, the faster you roll it.........

Darth Vader serving his revenge at the Star Wars Tennis Court.

The toy is slightly over 9cm long

Roll it and its butt lights up

Its using a red LED which if I have the time, change it to Blue

Curses! These screws I have do not!

The Shy Dick

Sometimes, when products from a foreign land lands on our shores, it can create a few excitement. Unfortunately, it can also create the opposite. So, I was at Guardian's when I saw this beautiful photo holder. I am not sure what it means because foreign stuff usually have funny names and this one is no exception.

There were other words incribed on other models such as "I love you" and so on but this one really takes the cake. Unfortunately, my application for purchase has been rejected by the Home Ministry.

Roughly translated, its Shy Dick.
And its Rm9.90

Vader Serves

Yeah, yeah, the excitement is upon us. But I just can't help thinking that Vader is playing tennis from the look sof this poster. Ha ha ha ha

Vader serves laser tennis


Damn! What a shy cock. Forgot where I took this with my Sony Ericsson T630. But I think its in Sungei Wang.


Passing the Buck

I have been to many clients and also personally experienced one of the most wonderful thing about communication.

"I don't know what he/she is saying. Here. You talk to him/her."

Indirectly, what they're trying to tell you is that they could not bothered about the matter at hand even if its the only thing left to do before the World ends. And so, they pass the phone over to you, in the hopes that you can magically solve the problem for them (then again, that's what they pay you for).No matter how detailed you write the instruction or even tell them in layman terms, the moment you uttered anything that vaguely resembles, "Please call this man to do this problem" or even "Can you...." Their mind would have gone blank and go into "Hey look, I am stupid" mode.

This was what happened a few days ago when the customer wants his phone system relocated to their new place. All is fine until I realised that they have not laid any cables for the phones. So, I told them to have it done before I return the next day.

What happened next was the usual cock-ups. Instead of calling the cabling company, they called the Telekoms guy instead. Who, as usual, in their, "I am the most important guy in the World, so don't waste my time, you peasant" mood, over the phone decided to let loose his temper. Being nice to the customer is one thing but being nice to this piece of crap is a waste of time. Short of threatening him with bodily harm, I told him to piss off in a loud manner since he has repeatedly told me that it is "Not his problem", refusing to listen to any of my replies.

By the time I arrived, the coward Telekoms guy has left for which I am quite certain, if he had stayed, I would have make short work of him since the whole place was littered with steel pipes. I cannot understand why a Company which touted itself as the main commnications player can have such boorish staff with attitudes of a fucked up gorilla. But then again, that is the unfortunate characteristics of a self-proclamined dominant race.

New Driving Test

Ha ha ha. I just went through TV Smith's latest Blog as its so funny.

This is so dangerous; riding without a helmet

How is your driving? Tv Smith Dua Sen

Slurpee and the Tudung Girl

So, after finishing the last call, I was ready to head back to the office for a meeting. Seeing the 7-11 shop was still open (Ha ha ha) I decided to go for a cool drink. I was stuck between the Pepsi Twist and the Lipton Ice Lemon Tea until the monitor screen at the counter screamed (Advertising for Slurpee)

So, I decided to go for a large Slurpee, something which I have never drank since 2002. Remembring the "Brainfreeze" syndrome like in the advertisement, I took it in sips (Ok, I wanted that cup of ice to last until I reach the office). You see, its actually green fizzy syrup mixed with shaved ice and when I drank too fast, I get a headache. Funnily enough, I did not expericence any Brainfreeze as I can still count from one to... to... erm.....

anyway, on my way back, I was using the Federal Highway. One thing about this Highway (Ol' Faithful) is that although it is the oldest, being stuck in the jam there still guarantess that your are still moving. And best of all, the traffic jams can easily start and disappear for no reason at all. All it took was just a drop of rain. And like any Highways, there are Emergency Lanes.

The lanes are actually for those who have terrible car repair skills to stop their cars and examine what boo-boo they have done. But there are some who, in their most efficient thinking, assumes that lane as the short-cut out of the jam. (Better known as the zoom-zoom or express lane). So, there was this young girl driving a Kancil who thinks that everyone driving at 60kmh on the left lane were just too slow. Although Kancils are small cars, this does not mean you can squeeze into tight spaces just because you thought you can.

And this girl just did that, which in the sense, nearly desulted in denting my rear. And since I have time on my hands, I decided to play along. I just moved my car slightly closer to the Emergency lane and all I have to do next was to match her speed. What happened next was really really stupid:

1) There were enough space for her to just pass me by but she decided it was more fun to flatten the grass at the side and also scare the other bus passengers. While matching my speed too.

2) Since I was at the left lane, she could have gone back into the lane and use the right lane to overtake me. But maybe she was afraid she might scare her passenger if she went over 61kmh (Speed limit was 80kmh)

Maybe it was the sugar in the Slurpee or the effects of the Brainfreeze but that afternoon was quite fun for me. And these are the "people" who procalims they are the true "Prince of the Earth" and everyone shold respect them because of who they are. Sheesh.

The green goop of Freeze

Enterprising guy

Sungai Buloh

Yeah, you would have heard of this place even if you do not know where it is. It was famous for the leper colony decades ago. But now, its a hive of activity because that's where the Industrial Area is. Most of the stuff being manufactured in Malaysia, I can safely say, would have some parts manufactured in Sungai Buloh.

Its a big place, I tell you. Every nook and cranny, you would see some factory or shops making stuff. And its also a very busy place. You can see a lot of lorries going up and down the main road every few minutes.

Anyway, I was at a customer's place relocating their keyphone system. It was already midday and I was a bit miffed because after I have dismantled their keyphone from one site to another site within Sungai Buloh, I have been mildly surprised with the latest fact that the customer has forgotten to lay cables meant for the phone. After installing the keyphone sans cables, I was already tired (from cleaning the system from grime and dust since they had a fan blowing on it for years).

Suddenly there was a horn, the ones you normally hear being used by Indian bread sellers on their bicycles (if you can remember this, you are quite old) or motrobikes. So, I looked at the source of the noise and lo and behold! It was a Malay chap on a bike.

Its the same concept as the Indian bread seller; a big metal box on a bike with lots of candies/sweets/junkfood hainging by the sides.

What is so different is that although he had a metal box, the contents inside were cold. It was filled with iced tea, coffee and other kinds of drinks. And at the side, were bull's gonads (Ok, they were bananas moulded into lumps and deep fried).

What really interest me was how he served the drinks. Once you have chosen the drinks (packaged in a plastic bag and sealed with rafia string) from inside the box, he will hand it to you and along with a straw which he will cut at an angle so you can poke into the bag without opening it and spilling everything onto the floor. And all the time he was holding his pair if scissors which is essentially his main tool. (And also in case you did not want to pay for your drinks. ha ha)

Now, this concept first originated with those Yeo's tetra packs where you use the same shaped straw and poke it into the silver hole. Of all the places, this one enterprising guy's really smart.

Home no more

There was quite a jam this morning in Kepong. Along the road, you can see a few tractors, some people who looked "Official" and also the unistakeable green/yellow DBKL lorries. The reactors were seen demolishing a few makeshift houses along the street.

A lot of people were there, some were arguing with the "Officials" while some were almost in tears. I will never know what happened but hopefully, it will be on tomorrow's papers.

Maybe they did not pay the land arrears or something like that. Mayb they have given warnings already but decided to stay on regardless. Whatever it is, it is quite disheartening to see your decades old house, which you have built with your own hands being demolished within minutes.

Some people were quite distraught

The house is no more....

The Third Episode of Madness

I will never ever understand why I ever did this. The Official Premiere is actually on May 19th but somehow, all the tickets were snapped up by "Corporates" for their own customers. Which is fine if you are one of their customers.

So, Ultimate Toys did the next best thing. Try as they might, everyone knows that getting tickets on the May19 date is impossible and even if they did, it would not be fun because their friend's friends would not have such luck. It would be like watching Vanessa Mae performing one song with only yourself in the room.

Yeah, you'd have seen the greatest show on Earth which everyone would hate your guts for being the lucky S.O.B.

Anyway, with the dates changing from 22nd to 23rd, getting the tickets were also a problem. When I sent someone else to get them for me, they reported that there was a long queue and the tickets were not there until in the evening. Anyway, to cut the story short, by the time I got them in the evening, I was quite relieved.

Now, I can concentrate on my Lightsaber, heh heh.

(So, Ms. Fon, if you're reading this, your tickets are safe in my hands now)

Four pieces of paper which only crazy people would get excited at 10AM on that morning,

"Sorry"? What's that?

So, today is Mother's day. You would know this because your Mom would be dropping subtle hints like, "Aren't you my son?" or "I love flowers! A LOT!!!" or "Take me out to lunch or else". Of course there are other subtle ways such as dropping the calendar on your bowl of cornflakes or other unameable actions.

But anyhow, we ended up at this swanky new place called Xin Shanghai (New Shanghai, I suppose) at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Its located at the corner, right nest to the brown HSBC building. With its nice glass windows overlooking the street and the alley, one is impressed when entering the door. It is not often you get to see old Chinese photographs splendidly recreated in fresh A4 paper and urinals catered for dwarfs who loves to clean their hands with a bif glass bowl.

And the best of all, we got ourselves a VIP room with a table so large that anyone who has a waist of more than 10 inches won't be able to pass about. But to top it all, we had a Captain who hails from Shanghai itself. (OK, I am not so sure about the events after this since everyone was conversing in Mandarin)

So, after the cake cutting, everything went downhill:

1) One of the soup dishes had 2 strands of long hair which the captain said was some kind of (vege or fatt choy). When we proved it to him that it was actual human hair, he said its the supplier's fault, not his. After some persuasion, the Captain compensated us with some fried noodles which vanished with just a few servings.

2) The dish came in very inconsistent timing. Some came in as if they were stuck at Customs and some came in by threes.

3) Sad to say, there were also problems with the waitresses. With so many dishes on the table, no one came in to clear them and pretty soon, you can guess what happens next. At one point, she even had trouble carrying the soup from her tray onto the table without avoiding the messy cutlery.

4) Halfway through the lunch, one of the dish was not available and no one informed us. We waited for more than 30 minutes until the Captain was summoned. Unable to bear such service, we decided to go on a diet instead.
5) Even the bill did not have any description but only numbers a hard core accountant would understand.

Maybe its Sunday. Maybe there was no overtime. Maybe its bad luck. But one thing for sure, we're definitely not going back there.

Because what was so bad was the Captain's inadmission they did a screw-up and downplayed the whole issue, assumed we're normal "softspoken" Malaysians that he could overcome with his raised voice.

A very impressive packaged towel
Its actually a small scented cloth towel in a foil pack

Luxeon 3Watt LED

RS Components finally came through and I am, so happy today! So, I got the correct resistance and tested it. Althought it was on for a few seconds, the base is already warm. And I mean alarmingly warm.

For the moment, I will post this picture with my SE T630. More updates this evening

They are so bright, I made a mistake of looking at them and my eyes are still burning.

Update (23:13):

Ok, now I have access to my FujiFilm Finepix, here are the shots of how bright it really is:


Yes, by now you would have guessed that I have not grown up! I admit I still do love toys. And then I realise that I am not alone. Anyway, in Malaysia, one of the more popular shops to go hunting for unique toys would be the XL-Shop. Although they are located at:

1) S&M Arcade (Petaling Street)
2) Berjaya Times Square
3) Mid-Valley (renovating the shop vacated by Bryan Ryan)

But noting beats going to their main HQ located in Cheras. I was there today and just so happened, their latest shipment came a day earlier. So I got to see and feel all the goodies (by now, most of your toys would have my fingerprints all over) first hand.

And I got some Gashapons for myself too. Gashapons or Candy Toys are same like the ones you get when you buy those Kinder Bueno chocolates. But with these things originating from Japan, you can bet your ass that they're worth every cent. And because Gashapons are packed in random, chances are, when you buy a box, you chances of getting that toy is about 1/6 or 1/12, which is frustrating when you only have two more to complete a collection. However, XL-Shop does give you the option of buying the whole series (once they opene all the boxes and sort it out, of course). The prices in most places are quite high but here, you can usually get a good bargain. And sometimes you only need just one or two, you can buy the separately but this depends on your luck.

Uncle Loong making sure we get our E-Mail updates on toys today.

All the Toys you ever want to buy are here and there are three rows to oogle at

This is what I got: Gundam Seed's Kira Yamato and some girl from Ace Combat 3

This is what an unassembled Gashapon looks like, straight from the box

Taking things for granted

Remember a few days ago, I have given up on those monkeys at the shop and decided to go for more professional help? Yep, I went with RS Components. After a quick call, the pleasant lady manning (ha ha ha) the phone was quite helpful and promised my order would be arriving within 4 working days. Yes! That really made my day.

Until today that is, when I needed to pay for those items. Although they have conveniently faxed instructions on how to pay them, since I was nearby, I decided to pay (bwahahahah) a personal visit. When I reached the counter, I was suprised that my order has not been processed since Friday. Not only that, my company's account with them also does not exist even though the lady on the phone last week claimed it was. Just to make sure, the nice Indian gilr at the counter showed proved it to me on the monitor screen. So, I have no choice but to get them to create the account and re-order the parts again.

And this time, I am going to call them now and again just to make sure as my project has already been critically delayed to the point of no return. Seriously, if it does not come on Friday, its going to be a bust as the shop guys would not be able to do anything for me too.

Haih. And I wonder how Malaysia can still advance. I am quite sick of not having the resources to do anything.

Yes, you are correct........

And dem buns are still in there....

Poor old friend

They were friends for a very long time, even longer than she can remember. How they came to be, perhaps was a lovely story. When she was sad, he was there. And when she was unwell, he kept her spirits up. He was alyways there for her, never leaving her side. But as time goes on, people change.

Her parents might be worried that she always depend on him, sometimes to the point of missing dinner or not doing well in school. Day and night, they were always together.

So, one day, while they were on a journey, a very determined person made sure he never reached their destination together. Maybe it was fate or just a bump in the road, we will never know.

But we do know that she was inconsolable and maybe she cried for seven days and seven nights. As for him, we know that he is sad even though he does not show it. Not knowing the place, he waited for her on the very same spot day after day. But he knows she will never come back for him. Dirty and uncared for, he knows he must move on. But something from within stops him.

So there he was, waiting day after day.

So loyal and unflinching,

Waiting day after day.

But deep inside, he knows.

She will never come back for him.......

Reversing into him would be unbearable