Oh, dammit. Right in the middle of updating and replying my blogs, I have to go.

Someone just came back from Johor and his car broke down, so we have to switch cars tonight

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Installing a Panasonic

To be frank, what you pay for, is what you're going to get. In the World of keyphones, the low range Panasonic is a steal. (But it won't be for long if NEC keeps up). And its easy to install too. Just drill three holes and mount the damn thing.

You do not need any other accessories but telephone jacks. And really, as the cost is so sheap, adding even a Distribution Bos would make it look expensive.

All done under an hour



Wait till Mr. Lightning comes

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Panasonic: The No-Frills Air-Asia of the PBXs

Morning Jams

Sometimes, it amazes me that if anyone ever sleeps at all in Malaysia. We start (or try) to sleep at 1AM and by 530AM, we wake up and leave the house later for work. And we face the jam. So early in the morning too. Sigh

This is now getting to be normal for me. A 645 traffic jam

And sometimes, you can see a lot of stuff, if you can wake up, that is
SISA NIAGA = Leftover Trade, (issit?)
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Motorola L6 Part II

OK, now that I got a casing for the phone (within one day, it was badly scratched) I think I whoudl not be owning this phone at all

But still, I could not resist in using the camera function (which was a bit better than my SE T630). What appealed to me was the MP3 sounds. Unfortunately, I cannot find a software that can convert anything to MP3. Also, I noticed that the phone does make a sound when there is no signal. But alas, it does not let you customise that sound. Maybe L7 has it?

The casing is actually a plastic transparent husk

And with the phone in it, it does not look too out of place though

This is a night whot when we went to a relative's house for
their Wedding Eve

And Kristine, in a beautiful white dress, was mesmerised
by the fish pond

OK, so the phone does not let you lock the focusing

And during daylight, the colours are not that great either

How I wished I had my Fuji FinePix.............

During another friend's Wedding Dinner, they had sharks fin
soup. And this soup does not shred the sharks fins but tather
boiled in its original form.

See? Once again, the colour is bad.

The sign is supposed to read: "Please FLUSH after using"