Playing with the circular polariser

While waiting for my appointment, I decided to test out the filter. Although the lens is a bit worn and the surface suspect, it still works. Whis is good enough for me. Ha ha ha ha!

I hate it when I need to take pictures in front
of the van where the documents I lazily throw
about would spoil the shot

But when I turn/twist the filter, the annoying papers disappear!

There.... are... three... lights!

We haven't had any electricity for the past two days as the RCB (main circuit breaker) keeps tripping everytime we reset it. During the day, it was not that bad but come evening, it happened every few minutes and later on, it would even refuse to reset at all.

It was very frustrating to find the fault even when we switched all other circuit breakers off. Unfortunately, the electrician which is responsible, was away in Kuantan and my Dad would not let any of my techs to come over to repair, citing warranties and all (don't ask, its a valid reason which I cannot elaborate further)

So, for the rest of the two nights, we relied on candles and torches. Sleep was quite difficult until I calmed down and lay on the floor. The sleep came immediately, which was bliss. Kristine and Kaelynn was not so lucky as they were used to sleeping in air-con rooms. So, you can imagine the fuss and crying the whole night. However, the most thing that I worried most were the mosquito bites which came at them and in the morning, they had small red welts which I though were some kind of measles or chicken pox Kristine caught from school.

In the end, it was all over once the electricians came and discovered a loose cable which kept shorting at one of the relocated fluorescent lights. Sheesh.

Actually, the picture wasn't that bright at all....

For entertainment, Kristine and Kaelynn played with the
shopping trollies. But running in the dark caused a lot of
accidents. Ha ha ha ha ha. Luckily, injuries were light