Buffet Dinner

My brother decided to splurge a little and treat us to a buffet dinner. This dinner was due Saturday but because I was working late and he too had to return to his office for some emergency work, it was postponed to Sunday. Again, both of us had to go back to our respective sites today but we managed to clear the problems and still make it for the dinner.

The dinner was held at The Palace of the Golden Horses's Carousel Cafe. And we were not alone. The place also playing host for meeting of senior officials in
COMINAC VI. In other words, our beautiful view outside the cafe was spoilt by these morons eating under big white tents. Anyway, we came here for food and despite Kristine's actions, I was able to eat as much as I can. Ha ha ha

Food-wise, once the novelty wears off, its normal food. But what selections! My favourite was the fried potatoes, smoked salmon, and the orange-carrto soup (really).

The front entrace was like an airport
everyone coming in was scanned and had their bags searched

I love the mirrrors on the ceiling and so did Kristine

First attempt:
Cold meats, jellyfish in a big onion cup, oyster, more jellyfish and smoked salmon

Second attempt:
Smoked salmon, fried chicken, salmon sushi, more sushi, fish in white sauce, stir fried lamb, gralic bread and fried potatoes

Third attempt:
More fried potatoes, stif fried lamd with asparagu, selection of cheese, fruit tart, jellyfish, salty kerabu, fried rice.

I wanted the take home this shell but on second thoughts, nah.

Kristine was getting hungry too

So we gave her some soft bread

Whoever sat there has a lot of power and most probably, a very stiff back too

Cleaning my car

Since I was working the whole day last night (up to 9PM) today was the only day where I really had some time to myself. After the cleaning and making sure Kristine does not break anything else, I decided to clean my car. For you see, after months of ferrying stuff to and fro, there are a lot of "leftovers" from every job. And worst of all, they didn't end up in any dustbins or storage boxes but in my car.

And I really had to do this because prior to my trip to Alor Setar a few days ago, I discovered some of the manuals at the back of the car seats had fungus, which I suspect must be from the water that leaked out of the boot (and dripped back into the car) when I opened it.

Lots of loose cables, paper and also other junk

And there's even more in the front seat

Oh, looky! My old boots which I stopped wearing 3 months ago

Because the soles broke and the boots lasted me four years
Which comes to about RM30 per year. Ha ha ha ha ha!
I am so cheapskate