The stopover

Halfway in the East-West Highway, there is a stopover. For those who are traveling through this route, it is the ONLY stopover you'll ever need (bad news if you're looking for petrol). Its just a small (expanded) hut which serves you from crisps to hot drinks to burger, etc. What is so nice about this, is due to the wonderful view behind.

And on this particular day, it was very misty, thanks to the rain. By the time we reached the stopover, it was already raining. And with the thick fog blocking the whole view, it was as if we're looking at the edge of the World. It was a very nice feeling.

And, oh, do try the burger. Its nothing much but when you're hungry, it tastes delicious.

By the time we reached Prai, it was already late and still Loctor was eager to have supper with us. He treated us to some very nice baby octopus and fried kuey teow. It was the first time for me, eating those baby octopus this way but with the oil and deep fried garlic mixed together, it was delicious!.

[Pictures clockwise from top-left]
[1] We're nearing the stopover, and its raining. And foggy.
[2] Everything is covered by the fog. Reminds me of Genting Highlands in the 80's
[3] Concrete Drain + Imagination = Unstealable beautiful Chairs
[4] Burger and White Coffee

[Pictures clockwise from top-left]
[1] First shot using cloudy mode
[2] Second shot using some other mode i forgot
[3] I wished I had some nice lens.....
[4] Sunset just before Lake Temenggor

The trip to Kota Bahru

It was a bit of a rush this morning since I only slept at about four in the morning as I was surfing the Net using the Hotel's WiFi. Anyway, by the time we have completed our job and got through the traffic jam back to the Hotel, we only had minutes to spare before the checkout dealine expired.

[Clockwise from top left]
[1] With so much boxes, I had to standing knee-jump up to open the Telekom Box
[2] The system
[3] Cow whisperer
[4] Mitsubishi Triton, with a very nice rear box which, I think, is available in Thailand

[Clockwise from top left]
[1] Entering the East-West Highway
[2] Lots of cornering. Whoo-hoo!
[3] An unbuilt thingy. Still reminds me of some arcade game
[4] This is where the rain starts just when we are about to rest the rest stop

Rantau Panjang

So, the next stop would be in Prai and we would need to use the East-West Highway to get there. And somehow, along the way, we could not resist stopping by Rantau Panjang. My Boss told me that we would only spend about half an hour there (but eventually, we use up about almost two hours).

Rantau Panjang is located right at the border between Malaysia and Thailand. Why we always go there, I do not know but its a magnet for us as we can get stuff that is not easily available in KL. Either that, or I need to go out shopping more often with the Family. We were happily walking about, buying junkfood, soft toys and clothes for our family until we took a turn and saw a lot of toy airsoft guns diplayed on a makeshift table. On the first round, we played a bit with the guns and enquired about the prices. Still, keeping ourselves under control, we moved on and continued buying the necessary stuff for our family and friends.
Once we have loaded up the car, my Boss has asked me a few more times if I really wanted to get the gun. Since I thought about owning such an illegal item, I decided not to. But after being egged on for a few more times, we decided to bargain and if it failed, at least we have tried. So, we strategised on how to go about getting the guns at a very reasonable price. It went on fine until my Boss saw the metal version. Yeah, needless to say, we went nuts and examined more guns which drew a small crowd very quickly. Actually, my Boss admitted that he just want to see the guns for one last time but after seeing the metal version, he too, could not resist.

[Clockwise from top left]
[1] One of the streets in Rantau Panjang, which is opposite the bus station
[2] This time of the year, Spongebob Squarepants is quite popular. I bought my hip-pouch here
[3] One thing we like to do is to look for exotic crackers and crisps
[4] You can buy branded stuff here too but how original, I am not sure

Clockwise from top left]
[1] We stopped for some (badly bruised) chicken rice. Ha ha ha ha
[2] At the counter, there are some SK-II products but because I do not know where it came rom, I am not going to trouble myself.
[3] This shop across the bus station is always busy, dealing with spices and other foodstuff
[4] You want instant noodles, is it?

Odd pictures

Yes, I took a lot of photos today and here are some which does not fit into any category.

[Clockwise from Left to right]
[1] Trying to lower wind resistance to save petrol
[2] Not even trying at all
[3] Some stupid nut taking photos at 135Km/h. See the flying hair
[4] A Giant copycat?

[Clockwise from Left to right]
[1] A very different scooter
[2] Unique tire valves which has its own tools
[3] Translated: One-way Local Area Network
[4] Translated: Ice Age