Driving the Company Car III

We had sent the car for major repairs and servicing. Some of the parts I remembered were:

-Speedo meter cable
-Changed timing belt
-Changed other belts
-Engine Oil
-ECU Tuning

There stuff which needed to be changed as the car was really trashed about. I am considering getting the rear shocks changed as well but this is not so important yet.

Now, the car is really fit to be driven and it has a really good torque!!! Still, the most important aspect is that it saves a lot of petrol. All way fine until I started to take notice about the speedometer cable which "shakes" about whenever there is a bump on the road or some small dents (which I have yet to notice).

For you see, if the needle is above 80Kmh, depending on the harshness of the bump, it will move about. When the needle is hovering between the 110 and 120Kmh region where it is quite "weak", you can see some funny stuff: A small bump will send it pointing donwards and after some time, it would go back to normal.

Luckily, the Highway is straight and there were not many cars about.