Cleaning the EKT6510D-H

So, after showing everyone how to clean the phones, I decided to handle the "newer" mid-90's EKT6500 and DKT2000 series handsets myself. This is because of their plastic which is very thin and prone to snapping with just a small pressure. I know how to open and pry up them but when my Boss tried it last year, it broke. So, since this are the customer's phones, I will personally open them up for them to be cleaned

After that, its packed and stored until the customer is ready to have them installed. This is how I clean the phone sets and I am planning to get my Boss to approve this method even if its time consuming. In the end, the customer would be very happy to get back a clean phone.

Again, this is black, even more grime shows up

See what dirty talking can do to a phone?
Halfway cleaning those holes, I just lost my
appetite for no apparent reason

I think there are close to 18 such handsets which needed
to be cleaned and I torn my fingernail (OK, the flesh just
under the nail, which shows up as a painful dark pink dot
now) on the 12th handset

Never leave home without your toothbrush and that
wonderful dish washing paste. But don't use it to
clean your CDs, OK? I will give you a lot of scratches
and then, you wished you have bought it from Uncle Ho