Some interior design activities

My customer is renovating a portion of their office and we were engaged to redo all their cabling. But looking at their current space and floorplan, I suspected that there might be a problem where the two manager tables are to be placed.

As the customer insisted that space is not a problem, I decided to prove it to her why the addition of a MFC (Multi-Function Copier) Fax machine and also the current orientation of the big tables took up so much space . In the end, I hope the Managers are not fatties.

This is the current section where I took down the measurements
for the room, its furniture and also notes on how they want to go
about renovating it.

I am surprised that just to do the floors and the tables, etc took
me about an hour with SketchUp. The walls and trunking and
its measurement text took longer as an afterthought. All are
accurate to the last centimetre.

Stay in my Memory - Bim

While I was searching for some videos, I came across this music video by Bim. The amazing animation is done by Katy Davis. See for yourself. He is still alive! Quick! Follow him!

And the "Father of the year award goes to...."

My good friend Jeffrey sent this to me on E-Mail but because it was embedded, I do not know how to dig it out. So I turned to YouTube and fortunately, not only did I find the clip, but it showed slightly more on what happened after the bike fell. Do not be alarmed if people stood and watched the whole incident unfold as this is a normal Malaysian trait. This happened somewhere in a petrol station in Malaysia. I tried that once (about ten years ago) on a technician's motorbike while he was idling and talking to us. Nearly made his bike ram into the company's metal doors. As the bike is quite heavy, I do hope the little girl is OK and not suffer any fractures.

A matter of perception

Kristine's favourite toy/companion lay on the floor

Mommy's perception
Kristine, please pick up the toy so that it won't get kicked by anyone especially (clumsy) Daddy.

Kristine's perception
[Comes over to me]
Daddy, Weenie is on the floor, so don't kick it, OK?
[Then runs away without picking up her toy]

Chicken Feet

Just like my Dad, Kristine also love chicken feet. And so, when I was at another customer, I saw some deep fried version on a mamak stall and immediately bought some. Because it was after lunch time, they offered me all the chicken feet on the tray. The deep fried chicken feet are (I think) fried the same way as their chicken which is very crispy. But by the time I got home, it was a bit soggy and as everyone wanted them, there was no time to stick into the oven/grill.

Kristine and the big bag of chicken feet.

Wife: Wah, so many, ah?
Me: Yeah, Dad and the girls liek them mah
Wife: So, how much for all these?
Me: About RM4.00, why?
Wife: Wah, so expensive! [poke poke in the box]. See, you got cheated again. Most of them are chicken neck underneath.
Me: [poke poke in the box] .. aiyah...
Wife: Don't try to eat them, OK? Stick to the chicken feet even though you don't like them

Kaelynn was enjoying them too. And after meals,
she tried to sneak out more chicken feet. I don't
mind but because they're oily, this makes her
hands oily, everywhere she goes, would have
oily stains.

You try taking it away from her......

Mark IX Tricorder on eBay


Up for auction is a Mark X Medical Tricorder that has a ratchet sound upon opening, followed by all the appropriate light sequences as seen on Star Trek Voyager and the later movies. Everything on it works as it should, the paint is absolutely flawless. Tricorder has 4 different sound modes that change when pressing the top E button. Handheld scanner also comes with tricorder and works (lights and sound) when the side button is pressed and held down. Sorry for the picture quality.. decals are not peeling in any way but all look new. Comes with the charger unit. I accept Paypal, Money orders, Cashiers checks and personal checks. (Will ship once clears). Feel free to email me with any questions. Free shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation to lower 48 if Buy It Now is used. Will ship worldwide.

The MKIX Tricorder opened. You can see all the details

of the labels and lights

When the flap is closed, all electronics would be off, just

like in the show

There is also a fully workng hand scanner under the Tricorder

It comes with a battery charger for the Tricorder's

internal batteries

The electronics at work

Its very bright indeed

Close up of the tricorder's sensor area

And that, folks was RM5,600 for a "working" Mark IX Tricorder with all the sounds and lights. Do I regret not having the cash to get it even though I am crazy about these things? No.

Really. No.

What is the use of a RM5,600 toy when you cannot carry it with you, drop it, scratch it, carry it in your pocket but to handle it with care, using white gloves and a display case, etc. Ha ha ha ha!

But, there is another mention. Master Replicas is coming out with the same tricorder soon and it would costs about USD349 (RM1,220). However, with Master Replica's failing reputation for its products, it might or might not challenge this Tricorder. There are other ways to get the same, which you could commission from a fellow prop member or DIY by buying the Roddenberry Tricorder along with the electronics. However, it really depends on you. BTW, want a Master Replicas Tricorder? See the Demo video below:

I really hoped you have pre-ordered before prices go up like what is happening on eBay.....

Light charging The Casio Protrek

While I was at Sungei Wang, I went to my friend to talk to him about my Casio Protrek which is always showing "LOW" battery these past fey days.

Me: Whei. Long time no see. I got a problem with my watch la.
Cheong: What problem?
Me: It keeps asking for my friend, Low.
Cheong: Huh?
Me: OK, the watch indicator shows "LOW" battery all the time now. Previously, for the past six months, the battery meter showed "MID" only
Cheong: Oh, that problem. Just shine it under the light for minimum seven hours. Must charge wun.
Me: But I got charge ma. Every time I go here and there, always got light, wat.
Cheong: You must not do partial charge or else the battery, lik eyour handphone, will die faster
Me: How come you never tell me all these when I bought from you?
Cheong: . . . . .
Me: OK, tonight I charge and if it does not work, I'll come and look for you.
Cheong: . . . . .

Cheng.. Cheng.. cheng chengchengcheeeengg..........

And so, for the first time, I have to
take off the watch for it to charge

System installation @ IMC Part III

Well, first thing in the morning, I am off to the customer's site. Hopefully, this morning, the Time Telekom people would have transferred the lines over from their old office. Surprisingly, at about 0830, there were not much cars about. And the route I take to the customer's office is usually jam packed.

I waited and waited and waited. For more than three bloody hours, these fuckers did not show. So, instead of wasting my time, I decided to have lunch at Sungei Wang and then see another customer after that. And I told the customer, if these people did show up, tell them to label the lines so that I can transfer it into the PABX inside. I prefer them not to do it. And the customer agreed as well because they are frustrated with them too.
[Parking charges: RM5.00]

Mid-way, when I was at another customer, the customer called and informed me that the morons are here. Wow. Talk about six hours response time. (Or rather more than three days). So, instead of chewing their ass out, I tersely told them to lable the lines and get the fuck out of there. So, I did as fast as I can because it was rude to drop everything.
[Parking charges: RM12]

By the time I finished with the current customer, I went back to attend to them and it was not finished until eight in the evening.
[Parking charges: RM8.00]

Can you spot the new telephone lines?

Is it here in the new DP Box? No.

Is it here in the crap DP Box? No.

Why, its here, next to the humongous cables!
And with the 'special' label too!

The girls during the weekend III

After dinner, the girls found my pair of socks which I wear to work. Instead of leaving it alone, they decided that it looks like a pair of long gloves.....

Kaelynn found the idea first and played with it

And she had a wonderful time, acting like a rocking rap star. (huh?)

Both girls with MY socks and their favourite items

The last photo ever taken for the night.......
(Our very own Girl in Black)

The girls during the weekend II

Soon, her sister, Kaelynn joined in the fun after their afternoon nap. At first, unsure of the pose they wanted, both girls though of being in a sad mood. After convincing them otherwise, the girl's mood lightened up.

This was their initial pose. I was puzzled
as to why they did this.

Hey, lets do the naked dance again, OK?

You siao, ah? You want Mommy to come at us with the cane again?

See what you did? Mei-mei ran away from your mad schemes.
So, now you have to smile alone.

The girls are back with their expensive glasses!

Best of friends again

The girls during the weekend

With most of the family away, the girls had no one to distur....., er entertain, they decided to keep themselves amused within the room. Moreover, we got each of them a RM19.90 glasses from Tesco. It was a long day because I had to make sure they're in the room while Mommy did her stuff.

Kristine found her wooly hat/socks/tube thingy

Then her long oversized skirt which
she put to use along with her glasses

Then she added her pink hairband

And they're ready to rock!

Unfortunately, this was the last stunt
before Mommy put a stop to all this

Does this look familiar?

While we were at Tesco, I spotted this toy gun and since there were only two left, I decided to get the both of them. The reason why I was so interested was because it reminded me of the Babylon5's standard station weapon, the PPG. OK, so it might not be accurate but its close enough for a alternative variation. All I have to do it to modify the cocking hammer at the rear and convert the barrel to a bigger diamter, and I'm all set!

This is the RM1.90 sparkler gun which has the refillable sparkler
at the top (tip) between the bullet chamber and the barrel. If its
a real gun, it would not fire because the barrel is located in the
middle of the bullet chamber.

This is the PPG (Phased Plasma Gun) from the TV series Babylon5.
It has only three settings from stun to kill to vaporise.

The Girl with the XBox Gun I

With every new gun, I always bring it to me so that I can "play" with it. Most of the time, I would play with it until I fall asleep, something which I still do until now. And it was of no surprise when I woke up to see Kristine playing with my new toy.

Maybe this is the trait she got from me as she does not like "girly" toys much.

This is the face of someone who just woke up

And within minutes, she found my new toy, "shooting"
here and there, with imaginary enemies

She kept firing even when the "enemy" has pushed her to the ground

System installation @ IMC Part II

With only three days more to go, our customer is getting nervous. This is because at the main site, the telephone lines are not up yet and the phone company is not answering the customer's calls. This is surprising as its already Saturday and most companies by now, do not work on Saturdays. Moreover, because Monday is Deepavali, most are taking the advantage of another three day weekend.

Anyway, I have sent my senior tech there so that he can continue the installation while myself and the remaining techs are to be stationed in Sentul. Just like their corporate office, the site here is not going as planned too. Since this floor is separated into two wings, the other wing have not had their floors completed. While the completed wing still has a lot of things to do, most of the tables are not up, not their phone jacks connected. And here, the phone lines are partially up, as there were some voltages but no dial tone. So, we mounted the system and did as much as we can before rushing over to the main site to help our senior tech. And we continued with the work until about four in the afternoon.

And because of this, I could not tear myself away to help send Nexus to Sentral for his flight back home. Luckily, my wife was available at that time as she finished her business with her Sister in Law. Phew.
So, here we are, minding our own business
while chaos reigned outside. I am impressed
because they could re-install the system all
by themselves.

Two hours later, it is all done and come
Tuesday they will do the cabling which we
hoped the main contractor would redo it at
the side of the wall as promised.

The sight at the main wing

And the sight at the other wing

Low on juice

Need to get its battery changed as it keeps calling my
friend, "LOW". And during the day, if it don't get out
often into the sunlight, it does that too. So, most of the
time now, its goes for its regular light treatment until
I have the time to settle all this

Opening the XBox gun

OK, here is a quick rundown on what I think when I opened the gun. Not going to describe much as I was a bit impatient to remove the cable and play with it. Swollen hand or no swollen hand.

1. Battery compartment
There are also slots availbale to put in the metal connectors. But there is no trapdoor for the AA batteries. I guess the manufacturer was also thinking about the possibilities of making it into a toy gun if the deal for making console guns did not go through. Or maybe, they just want to be ready for it in case the gun proved too popular.....

2. Trigger
The trigger was designed to press onto the small push-button switch. If you press too hard, there is some kind of a stress relief in the trigger so that you would not destroy the switch prematurely when you get too excited during the game.

3. Vibration motor
Yeah! This gun has an electric motor with a weighted head so when you turn in on, the gun vibrates.

4. Circuit Boards
These are for the switches but I can throw it away if I want to put in LEDs instead. In fact, I can take away all the circuit boards but I would end up with a problem on how to make the small switch stay in that position for the trigger.

5. Infra-Red
Or is it a light sensor? Doesn't matter. Its going to be gone anyway

6. Lens
This is to focus the infra-red emitter (or wasit a light sensor)

7. Control cables
This is the part where I cut it. 'nuff said

System installation @ IMC

I am going to have a very busy weekend. One of our customer is expanding and they're moving out of their current office and into two new offices. This means we would have to dismantle their current PABX and relocate it to one of their new offices. As for the other office, they would be using a new system. Funny thing is, and it is always proven, that an existing Toshiba customer would always stick to Toshiba. Anticipating pricing concerns, we quoted them the new Panasonic KX-TDE system but in the end, we were not surprised they took the Toshiba system which was dearer by another 25%.

Anyway, we were happy because despite the Economy hassle, we still have some business. So, i would have to be at two sites to make sure both systems are up and fully operational by next Tuesday. This would mean travelling to two places almost 20 Kilometres apart (I think). And with the rate things are going (tables not ready, phone points mislabeled and incomplete sections) we might have a lot of problem completing the two installations. So, I might be working through the weekend and Deepavali.

The day before, we have mounted the system
and terminated all the necessary cabling. But
because the furniture were not ready yet, we
held off terminating those affected area.

This morning, after receiving the new phonesets,
we plonked them onto the van, to be delivered to
the new officein KL.

As you can see, everyone is rushing to
complete their deadline or there would
be no Deepavali celebtrations for them

I saw this guy photographing the place, which I guess must be
from the designer's office. He placed his second-hand Nikon
on his el cheapo (RM30 or so from KLPlaza) tripod and used
the timer for taking shots. So, I pitied him and lent him my
Nikon remote control, which helped him finish his job faster
but he nearly forgot to return it to me until he was outside

This used to be a roomful of island cubicles and a lot
of programmers. But there's nothing left now.

Upon arriving at the new site, we were not allowed
to do any drilling as this might disrupt everyone.
So, we have to return tomorrow morning to re-install
phone system. But I see the potential problem as
there is the aircon right smack on the middle of the
wall. So we will have to mount the system on
another wall