Toys r Us in July

Heck. I've forgotten all about this posting. But better late than never (unless you really want to buy those toys, heh)

While I was at MITF, during my break, I snuck ou to Toys 'R' Us to have a looksee. This is very weird because in most toy events, there was usually a lot of big toy manufacturers about. But not this one. I was told that Hasbro did their stint in May and therefore, as far as they are concerned, its a done deal for 2011. I can't really remember who told me but compared to their Singapore counterpart, Hasbro here is very 'stingy'.

Anyway, when I was there, I was surprised that there were a lot of Star Wars merchadise on the shelves.

The Boba Fett blaster. Compared to the real deal,
it is 6 inches shorter and the grip is too small, etc.
It is good enough to troop after some modifications
but for me, I was very interested in its sound and
lights circuit. Because when I tried it, the sound
responded very fast even when I did some rapid
firing. In older toys, you have to wait for the sound
to complete before it responds to you. So, technically,
I can modify the circuit to have a machine-gun effect
or a Robocop 3-fire burst. That is, if I do buy one as
it will really set you back at Rm99.00

Next, is the Boba Fett Helmet at Rm146.90. This is
the most recognisable part of the costume right after
the armour and the blaster. But because the visor's
horizontal area was too big, I was not interested.
However, they did a very nice paint job though.

Grevious's Spinning Lightsaber. You can insert your
hands inside it and try the spinning action. But please
do a look around for any small kids running about as
when this box spins, you do not want any Mom/Dad
coming over and do hurtful things to you. For my
part, I will not tell you the price. (OK, so I forgot
how much it costs. Ha ha ha ha)

Next up are the spaceships which looks very detailed.
For example, Anakin's Starfighter. But did it really
transform like what it showed in the bottom right in
the movie?

I was tempted to get this Snowspeeder. However, as
I was in MITF helping out, it would be too trouble-
some to keep an eye and carry my stuff at the same
time. So, yes, I completely forgot about it. Dang.

I still cannot understand how this design came about.
But its nice. Sort of like a vehicles for people who are
about to get married but cannot touch each other yet.

Ah, what can I say. This was almost too tempting
to resist, MITF or no MITF. Luckily, the Hasbro
girl walked past and I was once again jolted to my

Next up are the mini vehicles which for the life of
me, could not understand how that fell can fir into
that small ship. Unless its supposed to be a big one
but because of its 'popularity', they decided to do
it smaller and add a figure there to fool kids.

A Pirate Speeded bike. I think I should start to
catch up on the Clone Wars new series as this,
I believe, was from Season 3.

Plo Koon and a speeder bike. Must be from
Season 3 again.

Ah, the infamous At-At walker. The biggest Star Wars
toy ever. I am not going to tell you how much it costs
as you might faint but I can tell you that its very big.

Now, they have this Galactic Battle Game
which I believe is another reason to
recycle old figures and put them into new
boxes and concept.

But what nearly made me
want to buy this Destroyer
Droid was the way it was

Now, this is something new. If
that certain Penang Mandalorian
did show up, this would be the
perfect costume to escort him
out. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Modern Boba Fett in a vintage
design package. When the original
Boba Fett came out, the mail-in
had a firing rocket in its backpack.
Due to fears of raising blinded kids,
they decided to invest in super-glue

This is a competitor to the NERF's Vulcan
but it looks so much more menacing. I do
not care if it has 30 rounds or not but if I
paint it black and have a faux ammo belt...

Once you get the excitement out of your system,
you realise that the darts comes out in the middle
and not the rotating barrels. But who cares? I just
modify the barrels with lights and its perfect!

This is what I was thinking when I looked.
A Space Marine Terminator w/ Mini-Gun

Lastly, one 'new' figure from the iron Man
toy series. Not sure if there is anymore
coming our since the hype is already
more than 'exhausted' for 2010

Of course, its going to use the triangle Arc Reactor
as this would be the 'latest' design. but why does it
looks super-glues on in a hurry? Was the original
design supposed to be for a round arc reactor?