An evening with the girls II

After coming home late and had dinner, I went to see what my girls were doing. Surprises of surprises! They're actually playing quietly in the room! So, I went back to get my camera because I know this form of serenity would not last.

Here they are, looking innocent and cute

Kaelynn playing with the pot

And Kristine playing with candles

After taking my orders, Kristine
proceeds to make my upside-down
green fishy dish. Here, she is banging
on the fish.

And now, Kaelynn got bored and starts to
look for other toys.

And they found some jigsaw puzzles

And suddenly, when I wanted to lie down for
some rest, they piled on the pillows and what
nots on top of me!

To Nexus

The package has arrived. I wonder if I should deactivate
the fibrous shell as I know the kralium power cell tends
to leak if not disconnected for long periods.