Being the Bad guy...

Is this Karma? I am not sure.

All the time I was at school, I kept getting a lot of slanted pluses to the point that sometimes, I think the Teacher was trying to give me marks but she was writing crooked...

And so, now, here I am, helping my Wife mark some papers and this time, I was not writing crooked...
Maybe, one of these kids could be a Teacher's Pet/Child/Grandchild.
And so, if that is true, man, Karma is going to be very bad news for them as the results were not that good.


Mommy asked the girls to arrange their shoes and this was what they did instead...

Facepalm or not?

Tai Chow Dinner

OK, its dinnertime and since everyone was still full from the Kajang Satay Lunch, Auntie decided to have dinner closer to home and not some food court kilometres away. Which is a bit disappointing for me since I was hoping to catch some DVDs from Unker Ho. But then, since I am not working, money is hard to come by.

For those who do not know what to order, fried rice is always the best solution.

(Clockwise from top left): Dad's plate of rice, Lemon Chicken, Fried rice, Kong Fu Chow Hor Fun, Ku Lou Yoke and the new item in the middle, Kon Mai Fun.

Service is a bit slow tonight because the second plate of the Mai Fun is still not here

OK, the plate of Vege is here.... right after we finished everything

So, remember, when you're at that place, ask for the Kon Mai Fun. Its delicious!

Works out to be about RM10.00 per person... OK lor.
If this was in the 90's it would feed about 12 people methinks

Satay Lunch at Kajang

After our trip to you-know-where with our you-know-who to do the you-know-what, we decided to stop for lunch in Kajang. They were discussing on the idea of having Satay at night in some food court, which is like eating a mouldy apple while locked in a freezer. And so, just to prove that Kajang is very near to the City, I decided to drive all the way there. Which is not an easy feat since I managed to go in the opposite directions as given by the GPS.

After some phone calls, we managed to get in touch with a relative who pointed us to a shop which is located just across the Police Station. If you're coming from the main road and the Police Station is on your left, the shop is on your right. But you need to make a U-turn, though. (try not to do that in front of the Police Station). Actually, I was thinking of going to Haji Samuri but with some people commenting that quality suffered since they expanded, I decided to give it a miss.

The shop in question is The Restoran Malaysia (aka Nyuk Lan Kalajng Satay). Although it is Chinese-owned, it is actually certified Halal. The reason which made us chose this place was because of the meat cooked there. The chicken meat are actually from the white meat and the beef is reported to be quite tender (but we did not order this). For some who are used to the normal satay which has chicken fat and the caramelised taste, the taste here is quite dry. Healtier? I cannot say but it is a refreshing change.

One more thing. Parking... is... a... nightmare...

The satay sauce is full of peanuts and if you want it to be hot, they will add the sambal for you, which, in my case, made the sauce a little bit bitter. Hot and sweet but slightly bitter. Also, I like to fully coat my Satays with the peanut sauce, which is not easy since the bowls are very small. For a moment, I actually thought there was some severe peanut rationing in the country.

We started off with the chicken satay which comes with the peanut sauce and the ketupat. Nowadays, the only real pleasure for me when it comes to satay was eating the cucumber and onions, dipped in the peanut sauce. Again, I thought there was some onion trade embargo with India.

Then, we ordered the noodle, which I suspect is the Hai Lam mee and it is very very good! And it actually made me forget about the onions and the shallow peanut sauce bowls.

With the smiles on their faces, I am quite happy that we made the right choice.

Its fresh from the grill and they're so good at it, none of the meat was burnt save for one.

Panoramic shot. Depite today being a Public Holiday, minutes after I took this shot, there were a lot of hungry customers waiting for empty tables.
For more information, here is the address. I did not call them up since I know there is a old lady at the counter. Any smart remarks from me would usually get a "Hah?" response in different tones anyway. But one day, I am going to ask if they can reserve tables...

Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay)
31 Jalan Semenyih
Tel: 603-8733 1160
Opens from 10am till 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays

If its alright with them, the next chance I get, I will try to bring my own onions...

How to make a lamp

Before I start, let me tell you, on the record, the title was supposed to be 'The 2-Ringgit lamp'. But after adding the price of the components up, it was more of 'How to build a lamp for under 50 ringgit'. Which is, well, very expensive. I could have stuck the the former title but then, I suck at shoplifting.

Its not easy to lift a whole building, let alone a shop. Trust me on this.

Anyway, here some steps on how to make your own nightlight.

1. Get some Electrical cables.
No, not wires. Electrical cables. There is a difference; Electrical cables just sound better than a... wire.

I stuffed some heavy gauge electrical wires (heh) into an aquarium oxygen tube.
Why? Because I can.
2. You need Plugs
Really. You need the plug because sticking the stripped ends of the cables into the wall power point is never a good idea since anyone can trip over it, touch the current and die. Or, a curious person will touch the wires and then die. Or, you trip over the cat in the dark of the night, which jumped and scratched the cables and you both die. So, it costs me RM3.50 to stop everyone from dying.

Sorry. No Earth for this one since the whole Light assembly is plastic.

3. You need a container or diffuser
Yes, you really need one because the stupid Philips 5W fluorescent light bulb is very bright at night. I know because I kept staring at it when I could not sleep. Nearly blinded me on that night too. You really need one in case you trip over the cat again or well, its a very good container for beers too.

RM2.10 and if you want a flimsy handle, it costs 10 sen more.
Cut a small notch for the cable to get through, OK?

4. You need a bulb holder.
Yes, you need a bulb holder because there is no way you can hold the lit bulb with your hands and still be alive at the same time. Get the one that has only two screws. This is the foolproof version and its very easy to figure it out. Just in case, here is the formula:

1 wire go to one screw terminal.
Next wire go to the other screw terminal.

So, this piece of plastic would cost you RM7.90 or so.
If you can find it cheap, hooray for you but I am not going to sneak out of the shopping complex just for a few ringgit difference.

5. You need tracing paper.

You really need it to diffuse the bulbs light. A 70GSM A4 would not cut it either. And no, you cannot use the stained pages from your Playboy magazine collection. Your own kids are already suffering from just being your kids and they do not need to be reminded as wankjob survivors.

So, tape the paper together, and cut a small hole which is the same size as the container

6. You need the Lightbulb
If by this stage you do not have a bulb, you'd better go and get one. Oh, and bookmark this post in case you need the instructions again. If you have a bulb, do examine it carefully. Anything that looks like those in the cartoon is a no-no as they're filament bulbs. You need to get those that looks like white twisted pretzels. If its brown and stinks, its broken. Go for the lowest wattage because not only would you keep the environmentalist from paying you a visit but also, the new lamp would not burn your whole place down. So, you need THE lightbulb and not A lightbulb.

Never ever get a bulb, especially those that are rated 300W Cool Daylight.
(OK, you can't get them because they do not exist.)

7. You need spacers
Yes, you need spacers although these fancy wancy environment friendly flourescent bubs are cool but some parts of it are actually hot. Not as in burning hot but hot as in, "If I topple this lamp over, I'll get some nice burnt holes in a few year's time" hot. So, find something that will make sure the bulb contraption does not touch the tracing paper or the water container's plastic.

So, I double-side taped some packagin foam on the bulb holder since I could not find any chocolate to eat.

8. You need ventilation
Honestly, the container feels hot after a few minutes and so, if you have learnt anything from Science, hot air rises. So, you would need to make a few holes on the top of the container or just one big hole. This is for ventilation but mind you, never ever do this to a Politician as although you're doing everyone a favour, you still go to jail.

OK, all done. After testing, I put it on the bedroom table.
There was no "OMG! Dad! You made something!" or anything from the Wife. Not even a fart.