DUKE Highway Video

OK, so I wanted to do this a long time ago but because my Nokia 5800 was in the clinic, there were no other video cameras available. And since there is a bit of juice left in the battery before I send it back to the clinic again, I decided to go for broke. Luckily, there was still enough for me to transfer it to my Notebook.

After testing it the day before, the camera picked up a lot of
unwanted noise since I was holding and resting it on the dashboard.
Because there is no time for more experiment, I decided to go with
a sponge and two rubber-bands to minimise the bumps in the car. I
have not seen the full video myself but this time, the bump sounds
are minimised. Except for my nervous and annoying voice........

Anyway, here is the video. But there is no return journey since I was not going to do a U-turn that late in the morning. And besides, the returning route is very boring. But one day, I till try to take it..........