Snip, snip

Its that time again, where the girl's hair needs to be cut. And I hate this because I wanted their hair to be long, at least down to the shoulder blades. However, there are two reasons why it has to be done: One, its quite hot and two, Kaelynn has learnt how to bully Kristine by pulling her hair.

See the blank square on Kaelynn's forehead? Its not Mommy's
fault but Kaelynn's as she came across a pair of scissors which
everyone had missed. Like all her experiments, the result was
really disastrous. Then again, I should count my lucky stars as
she did not try this on the back or on the top of her head.....

Next, it was Kristine's turn whose fidgeting made the whole
ordeal much longer than it should be. Kaelynn's running here
and there did not help much either. At least this time, I did
not get scolded for taking photos like a mad man......

OK, so her hair is done, but to me, its too short now.....

Starting them young....

While she was having her lunch, Kristine suddenly whipped out
Mommy's old Mobile Phone and start her pretend conversation.
Wow. I wonder how she learn about this since all of us do not do
this. Period. I think, by the time she has her very own phone, this
might be a normal thing for her. Maybe I should get her a Bluetooth
headset by then, and place a mirror in front of her. Then she would
look weird talking to herself or the plate of spaghetti. Ha ha ha ha.