Weapons for an angry red-neck

i am not sure if I posted this gun before but nevermind. I want to post about this gun because I don't think I have done it. This is just a normal toy gun which uses sparklers. Its not so much about the toy but more about its design. And you can see this is more steampunk like in design. It started off as a revolver and ends with what could be a rifle end. Although it is small, but then again, I think, guns for cowboys are a bit small at that time.

The toy compared to a Mauser. I think its about
20% smaller.

The material quality is very soft and if you're not
careful, you can break it just by squeezing. In fact,
the paint scrapes off easily too. I am not bothered
with those facts but here, what attracted me to the
weapon is that is fires 8mm bullets, has ventilating
holes for no apparent reason and it branded for a,
wait for it,
"raging cowboy".

Wipe my poo-poo

At their age, the girls should be able
to take care of themselves, especially
where hygiene is concerned. Do not
be fooled into thinking this is a nice
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her ankles so that they won't get soiled
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