My watch

And so, with the extra time I had in between customers, I went and picked up my watch which was in the shop for weeks. Actually, it was already repaired just a day after I left it there. But I know that it won't last long as the 3-in-1 sensor is about to go bye-bye anytime. So now, I only wear it when I do remember to wear it.

I was tempted with the latest Pro-Trek but
because its using an analogue hand, I was not
too hot about it. What interested me was the
white led instead of the bluish-green EL lights
like the ones in my watch. However, there was
only one LED in there, which makes sense as
they consume more power than EL.

How to switch off a Calculator

Our Admin girl, Yati showed us how to
switch off a Calculator that has no switch.
Then again, all calcs nowadays has no switch

So, you just press [5] [6] [ON] all at once.