Going to be 6 soon.

Coming near to the Age of 6, its time she learnt how to do some of the things by herself. For example, I now let her wash her own hair but she must remember to put the shampoo into the hair and not lather it up in her hands only to be washed away by the shower. Then, I have to show her how to use the soap to wash her own body, and not to wash the floors instead. She likes to do this because it would create bubbles which she can step on. Haih

But the best is, when I need to dress them up. All I have to do is, just make sure their clothes are the right way round and then, I just plonk on their head and they will automatically do the rest. Except for dresses with buttons and bows, that is.

Its not a grainy photo, just the droplets of water
showing up when I used the flash. Yeah, she likes
to play with water a lot. Soon, I think I will take
them swimming. As soon as my spare tire vanish,
that is. No need to scare all the children in the pool

The JJ Tricorder Project Pt 2

I am going to rename this as the JJ Tricorder (after JJ Abrams, 2009 Star Trek reboot) Project and so, its part 2 after opening it. So, don't you go and looking for part one as the title did not change then. Heh.

And so, after that experiment with the cigarette lighter label, I am now ready to start on the JJ Abrams Tricorder. Well, OK, so the kids are a bit busy having dinner tonight and won't be bothering me for another 30 minutes. OK, the segment for today is to remove the label from the Tricorder INTACT. This is because I do not have software to re-create the label nor the time to do so, anyway.

The label will then be kept in a transparency where it will be processed at a later date. But for now, or for tonight, it has to be transferred first. Because its made of paper, I will be using the Lighter Fluid trick. Any other labels such as vinyl or soft plastic, I would still use Lighter Fluid. I have learnt my lesson with WD40. Ah ha ha ha ha.

Once again, drip some lighter fluid onto the label.
Let it work itself into the whole thing and just wait

In theory, I could just keep in dripping the fluid until
the whole sticker is soaked and I will just pull it off.
But because its made of paper, I am not taking any

There. The sticker is safely transferred onto the acetate
and I'll leave it somewhere safe for the lighter fluid to
dry off. At this point in time, its very fragile.

Because the lighter fluid is very runny, make sure
you know how to control its flow. Funny thing here
is that there is virtually no sticker gum residue on
the toy itself. Which means less cleanup for me.

Unfortunately, my peeling skills are not that good and
I cannot understand why these marks are here. Its
like as if they are bent and bubbling out of the sticker

This is the effect of the fluid running into unauthorised
area. So, as a rule of thumb, I am going to leave it alone
and let it dry by itself.

Laser etched Transparency

While I was at the local bookstore looking for a sheet of transparency to transfer the Tricorder sticker to, I found this special sheet. It costs me RM0.80 and there were several patterns to choose from. Since I was in a hurry, I just chose this piece. But one day, I would definitel need to go back there to see if they have anymore designs.

Now the Big Question is, what am I going to do with it?

To the normal eye, when you hold it like this, its just
a normal piece of acetate/transparency. But already,
you would have noticed something different about it

Yes, there are rainbow colours and they're all arranged in
small little squares. So, I need to tilt it against the light and
now, you can see the interference which created the colours

OK, a flash to show you more. Nice or not?