Be careful of what you say....

Kristine wanted to buy a special hairband which costs RM8.90 but I could not justify that purchase. Its a very nice pink hairband but with the extra veil which you can cover your face like those in Arabian Nights girls. So, I told my wife that for that price, I would just get a tissue paper and clip on her existing hairband which is much cheaper.

I think Kristine overheard me as the first
thing she did when we came home.........

Maybe I should have bought some mosquito netting instead. Ha ha ha ha ha.

How to get a girl to like you

Getting a girl to like you is very simple. You take her to a nice place, then get her a drink and put something special in it and after a few sips, she's yours.

Don't believe me?

After dinner, while everyone was hopping, I took Kaelynn away from them and we went to look at some toys in Tropicana City. There, I ordered an Orange slush for her. And I put did in something special (cream, la). After a few sips........

Actually, the RM8.90 orange slush comes
with mango but I did not want it as she
does not like mango that much.

Once the sugar gets into her brain....

All of a sudden, I am her best Daddy in the World.
(How I can trick her to eat her dinner this way...)

Deep Fried Lotus and Tofu

Wife wanted some deep fried Tofu and so, I ordered some. As I saw some Lotus root, I ordered that too. When it came, I was speechless.

It was as if the Chef ran out of fresh bananas and used the lotus roots and tofu instead. I was speechless. I mean, any fool can just dip something into the frying mixture and then toss it into the fryer. And no, the chili sauce was not enough as well.

Somehow, I had the feeling that RM11.00 is just too
expensive for the Lotus (RM6.00) and the Tofu
(RM5.00) I was hoping the Tofu would have some
extra stuff inside it as well, not just plain sliced Tofu.

Cleaning up after others

When I was a small kid, my parents clean up after me. Now, I have small kids, I clean up after them. When I went to the service industry, I cleaned up after everyone since day one.

But the similarities ends there. You see, a simple clean-up is just a matter of picking up things and/or putting them into the correct place. But in the service industry, clean-up could start from damage-control to error correcting. In other words, covering for your colleagues's mistakes. And usually, no one appreciates it until you speak up or own up abut the deed when you colleague forgets about your part.

And some, even if you did it, no one cares. Just like today, where a simple "line out" complain from a customer sent me to the main building's Telekom riser. Seems that someone who has upgraded their phone lines was a bit too rough and so, one of the affected cables has problems. Luckily, there were extra cables going back up to the customer's office. Phew.

Nice cabling, right?

Wrong. Someone has replaced the old Telekom
junction box with a new one.

From the cabling system here, you can guess
how old this is. Yes, an 80's technology.