Dinner at BSC

I love going to BSC nowadays, for one main reason: Chilies.

This is because of their menu which you can:
1) Order one main course and the kid's meal is free
2) Order a Bottomless drink and you can be a whale
3) Order the Bottomless Tostada Chips and well, literally, you can skip the main meals (heh)

But there is always one problem I have with them and I never seem to learn from it. Everytime we wanted to go there, I would always phone ahead and make reservations, only to be told, "I'm sorry, we don't do reservations here.". Which is not a bad thing but imagine sitting at the front, waiting for empty seats during dinner time. Its time like this that I felt so tempted to just psych the girls up and let them run riot in there until the Waiter/Waitresses feel they have no choice but to let us in. Ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, since it was the School Holidays, it was a special treat for one of our niece who came down for her break. We were meant to take them around Sungei Wang/Bukit Bintang area but it was cancelled after they spent some time at Pavillion the day before.

Also, it was a good opportunity to see how BSC has expanded as well since the only place I ever go to was Chilies and the toy shop (ahem).

This is how you do it. Lay all the cables
and then loop them on the ceiling so that
other contractors who have no ladders
would be in for a tough time.

Yes, BSC is now deeper. This is one of the new
areas where they have built more shops further
in. Not much occupants yet, apart from the
Playstation shop which a few years ago was on
the top floor, next to Comics Corner.

Christmas deco of giant-sized proportions

Me? I prefer the "small" globes with dioramas inside

I have to keep remindind myself that the next
time we order these Tostada chips, I must
sneak in some special sauces. Something like
DIY cream/chili/cheese combination as the
salsa I felt, was a bit too watery.

One of the kid's meal, I think.

This is nice, but I forgot which nachos.
Anyway, after three free servings of
bottomless Tostada and two jugs of
Lemon Tea, I'm stuffed. Oh, I did have
three of those above.

Customary Christmas tree shot.

Well, how could I not take this shot too?