Outpost: Movie and Collectivbles Bazaar Nov4, 2006

OK, let me tell you a secret. I actually can't wait to get back from Sitiawan yesterday so that i can attend this event. Yes, it was tiring driving long into the night and also stayed up until 4am so that I can get my Tricorder, Lightsabre and custom scanner working. Sadly, I did not get into costume because I have gotten fatter since and also, I looked so tired as if I had not slept for days.

The event was organised by Myscififan, Cinema-Online and CineLeisure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. We have
a lost child here who is looking for his mother, who is
wearing a matching yellow raincoat

Some of the props on display

Yes, sometimes the propmaker actually use common
parts as it is faster and also inexpensive.

The best part is when you have audience participation

This is The Outpost which is almost complete

And this was the best food evar! I went for twice because
they were so delicious.

Please, sir. Can I have some more?

No, I am not the Empire Recruitment Officer

Captain Picard's deepest secret of wanting to be
"Lord Dark Helmet" from Spaceballs

Starfleet's finest negotiation skills on display
"..and if you still won't bring me my Earl Grey, I
will have to cut you in half with this Lightsabre"

Ever wonder why Darth Vader always uses his

Yes, the Vader wears Prada

Preparing for the costume competition

Final check before going out there

Yes, we're all ready now.

The hot and cold of things

Sometimes when you just can't get through to
other people, you cannot make your point

And now, tell me I am handsome or I will
poke your eyes out

Look. For the last time, I am not even half the man
to challenge him to a Lightsabre duel. So, he can
have my Lightsabre. OK?

Sir, in this Police lineup, can you identify the person who
shot your X-Wing fighter to pieces?

Fan photo-taking session

Damn! This is better than my wife's Ginzu Knife

This is the man who puts Gillette out of business with his
retractable Adamantium claws and super mutant healing
You can shave anywhere and still not worry about razor cuts

This is not the way to cut your fingernails

Now you know why Freddy's head looked like that

And he is going blind in the next movie

Captain Picard doing the Lucky Draw
(Plastic bag sponsored by Comics Corner)

And the prize goes to......

This prize is so sweet, even the fairies loved it

Stay away from this guy. He loves Micheal Myers

Darth Vader is going to be Darth Maul soon

This is Cyclops's Visor which I am very very
interested in but they won't let me take it home

A rare scene where Captain Picard tries
to flash at a girl. Anyway, this is THE end.

Too bad my camera was not fast enough.