System Installation Part Two

Selamat Hari Raya! After placating my Wife in the morning, I quickly rushed over to the customer with all my bodily parts still intact. He was also surprised that I arrived at ten as promised and promptly shook my hand. Anyway, six hour later, it is 60% finished with the remaining job to continue ten days from now as most of the office doors were locked despite being told not to.

Later on, I got cramps to my leg as I was really running about the whole place. But at least the customer treated me to a very nice chicken rice lunch at a place in Jln Ipoh where normally, you won't get a seat. (I should have brought my camera)

This thing is the size of a water cooler

Just look at the date on the tag!

For those who knew tis road well, there is much to shout and jump
with joy as there was not much traffic about. Note: This picture was
taken on the first day, Friday. On the next evening, it was raining like

GPS in a Kancil

Stuck in a traffic jam, I saw this on a Kancil. Not sure what GPS model it was, but I’ve been longing to get one unit for myself too. However, they’re not cheap either. I could chose a stand alone unit, have one that comes with a Mobile phone (Nokia 6110) or with a PDA. But if it’s a PDA, I would like a HTC touch with GPS. And while I am dreaming, I would like ten Million ringgit in my bank account.

Just a tiny little screen, in front, and at eye-level

I wonder if the map's correct or not.
Seemed a bit "out"

Trip down South, Again

Once the customer’s fax machine has been repaired, I have to return it to them in Seremban and take our loaner back. I was reluctant to go because there is a three o’clock which I have to dismantle a PABX and then transfer all the remaining phones to Subang. And because my techs are busy, I have to be there, meaning my trip to Seremban would be very rushed indeed. By the time I have finished everything and waited for the customer, it was already half-past seven in the evening. Man, I am dead tired.

The road to Seremban was quite busy because of the exodus
out of KL and back to their hometown. While Dad drives leisurely,
the kids are enjoying themselves with their own games and happy banter.

System Installation Part One

Today is the eved of Hari Raya. And yes, yours truly is hard at work, working hard. We're removing a very ancient PABX and in its place, would be a Panasonic system. Once again, I would need to know the system's history and all of its capacity. The amount of work can be considered to be quite a bit because we're not dealing with new cables or a new installation.

So, the first thing we need to do was:
- Isolate the cabling to the old PABX
- Remove the old PABX
- Reuse the old cabling
- Mount new system
- Redo Telekom lines
- Program new system according to customer
- Prepare for "Shit hits the Fan" situations

Unfortunately, by six in the evening, the customer was ready to go back and this means I would have to continue tomorrow morning. Wife's not going to be happy about it. No sir.

Just look at the amount of cables going in and out of the system

Their old PABX's power supply was "weak" and so
they got another

These batteries have been here for quite a long time.
See how they swell up? This is not a good thing

As expected, the battery's contact lugs are badly corroded
and weak. By moving the red thick cable around, the metal
just moves like plasticene