The trip up North . . . Ipoh with Nexus I

You know what? I am going to Ipoh today. No, wait. We're going to Ipoh today. Yes, we, as in both of us: Nexus and I. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Originally, the plan was that my Senior Tech was to go with me and Nexus "sneaked" along. But by Thursday evening, my Boss and I realised that there were too many service calls that needs to be attended the next day and so, we pulled my Senior Tech out of the trip. Although my Boss has some worries about me driving and doing the job there alone, I assured him I would be alright andI might bring a friend along. However, the problem is, I am not sure if he has heard the last part but I am definitely bringing a friend along.

Because of the heavy calls, I could not take the company van as much as I wanted to. And so, reluctantly, I had to use the other company car, which belongs to our Ex-Director. Anway, once we arrived, I got straight to work and with Nexus helping me, the job was completed faster tahn usual. And when we brought it over to the new site, I continued working until half-past nine where we started to drive out to look for the Hotel. The customer showed us where to go for a reasonably priced Hotel but after 300 metres or so, we got lost. Its not easy driving in the dark while looking for landmarks at the same time. So, we got lost until I reached a familiar road and used my memory to guide us to the original Hotel which I wanted to go to as it haas Wi-Fi. I've been to this Hotel many times but because I have not stayed there for two years, I sort of forgot how to get there nor the Hotel's name. No thanks to my broken PDA as well.

Still, after checking in and leaving Nexus there, I continued for a few more hours before going to bed.

This is the other company car, which has its radio taken out,
spoilt suspensions, loose buper parts and also its braking
system worries me; it takes a long time for the brakes to
start biting and sometimes, it feels like as if its not stopping.
However, once on the road, it feels so stable and the drive
is quite enjoyable. And quiet. Nice.

We arrived slightly after four in the afternoon and started to dismantle
this PABX. And reinstall it at the new site. Everything must go.

An hour later, with Nexus's help, we got the job done! There
were too many wires and my pair of super duper sharp
scissors were super duper blunt. And suing my normal
pliers makes my hand go number since it can cut one cable at a time

This is the spot where the PABX will
be relocated to. Its cramped and the
computer cables are everywhere as
they will not be using a cabinet for it

Five hours later, at almost eleven at night, there
were three people coming it with their mattresses
and stuff. More on this later.

Wow. I really am surprised how these people managed
to get all the face plates installed. Either at the installer
who wrecked the table panel or the furniture fellas who
supplied without the holes.

Its almost three in the morning and some are already rushing
to complete the job. He is pouring the paint on the floor, which
is quicker than taking it out with the brush. Ha ha ha ha

While the three people slept on, and in the Manager's office too

OK, its time for me to head to the Hotel for some Zzzz's
and at three in the morning, the roads in Ipoh are very
very quiet indeed, unlike Kuala Lumpur