Of grilled potatoes and food

Right, after four hours of sweat and vertigo, it was time to fetch them home. And so, as usual, it s a good time to test out the Garmin XT. And since that "memory" scan, it performed well without a hitch. Yeah, but it did hand once or twice, though.

Anyway, by the time I arrived, there was little left for lunch and I was really hungry and I did not have anything since last night. Yeah, by this time, the spicy diarrhea has subsided. While waiting for the evening to pass, sister in law made a very simple dish with sweet potatoes and the normal ones. And it was bliss! Why my Wife told me was that she added in some salt, herbs and butter onto the potatoes and then grilled/baked them. Wow. I loved it.

Kaelynn testing it out

And after that, it piqued Kristine's
curiosity as well.

And so, she tested them too.
But in the end, I walloped
them all. Heh.

Laying cables on Sunday

Today is Sunday and since my Wife and Kids are staying overnight, I had nothing else to do but to go work today. Ha ha ha. OK, this was because my customer is working on a 24hour shifts and today was the only day they could spare a few hours for us. They had to relocated two office cabins away from one side of the wall due to CF issue. And where the cabins go, we have to make sure the phones follow them too. So, our job is to lay the cables to the new site. As the place is just one huge warehouse, there were some issues about heights. Still, once I realised that if I do not look down and concentrate on the job at hand, I should be OK and not panic.

Twenty feet and standing on a rickety pallet hoisted from a forklift was a real test for me.

In the meantime, I got some nice GPS signals. This is the
shot from Garmin XT, which at one glance tells you all
everything you needed to know about things you want
to know but was too clueless to ask.

And this is the screen from Nokia's own GPS. You have
to tap the screen to see the Global GPS map compared
to Garmin XT. But I really do like this screen where the
clumn bars turn electric blue once the lock (I think) on
to the GPS satellite.

Trip to Ipoh and Lumut

[15042009: 20:00]

This is one trip which I was not really looking forward to. One of our customer is to come home permanently. In fact, the whole company was affected too. My task is to go there, dismantle their phone system as we're going to buy it back, and along the way, take her back to her home in KL too. But the first stop would have to be in Ipoh. Nothing much to blog about, really. Just the usual routine programming, making sure the phone system there
is OK and did some small chit-chats with the customer to try to lighten my mood before I continue the trip. On the outside, working in that company is bliss. But however, internally, its not a nice place to work in, due to the "demands" and politics demanded of them from their so called clients. And so, rather than give in, they decided to just stop everything altogether. This is what I deduced as none of us wanted to talk much about it but to just get on with the job at hand.

And so, just for fun, I used the Garmin XT Software with
the latest MalFreeMaps (and not MalsingMaps). I am not
sure what is the problem with Malsing but seems like some
have split and formed MalFreeMaps which gives you what
you need and none of that, "If you do not contribute..."
crap and leaves you with an outdated map. With such
even stupidity, even if I want to contribute, I would prefer
not to because there is a lot of unknown stories here.

From Ipoh, I used the back roads to reach Lumut instead
of going back into the Highway and exit at Tampar or so.
This would mean a very big go-around. The trip is not
so bad, even when the Nokia 5800 goes haywire when
I was using the GPS. Still, I am thankful as this really
keeps my mind off what I am going to face when I
reach there.

And so, within half an hour, this system is
off the wall and whatever lines still active,
is rerouted to the only functioning part of
the office in there.

And so, one final look before we leave Lumut for a long time.

And this is her part of the office, now stripped bare and so gloomy.
I was so tempted to take one of these flourescent housing but
knowing how its mounted, it would be very difficult to do so,
as nothing is what it seems here.

I am not sure what it is, but its quite tough to withstand
a lot of abuse.

We stopped by Teluk Intan again. This time, I will treat her
to dinner. The last time we did this years ago, we made the
mistake of not stopping and went through to Bidor, where
by the time we arrived, most of the shops have closed. Yeah,
I got more chee cheong fun with whatever money left despite
my Wife's objection since my salary is still not in yet.