The Last Drive together

Its time. And so, one last drive together. Savouring the revs and soaking in all the sound from the exhaust together for one last time. Its a unique exhaust because although it did give me some extra power, it was still relatively quiet compared to other exhausts. And I rememebered the shock/amazement from the exhaust pipe fella when I requested such spec. Nevertheless, finally he did come up with what I wanted. So, the exhaust would not scream itself unless you sharply press on the accelerator or something like that.

Unfortunately, when the Ah Beng streak comes on once in a while, I had problems getting that big exhaust roar to frighten all the Ah Lians. Even the cats and dogs ignored me.

The final tank of gas...
Maybe I should have out in Ron97 but that would
make me not want to give her up

I always like the shot from this angle

After inspecting the engine, etc. The new owner is
satisfied with her and that's when I said goodbye.

Later on, I was told, it got through Puspakom without any problems. And this, was done without using any runners *ahem*.