Filming a filming film crew

OK, so there is not much work in the office and after my last customer, I went back home. On the way, I saw a film crew setting up their gear. Maybe it was for some interview. More than an hour later, they were still at it. So, I came as close as I can without causing much disruption, I took a few shots. And then I realised, this is where the zoom lens came in handy. I felt like one of those Private Investigators on TV, taking photos of some mistress and kid or something like that. Still, they did the same scene take after take.

Judging from the props, and all, it looked quite ok. But if you take into the account the lighting, you would be wondering, why is this kid going to school in the evening? Maybe they have alreadytaken that into account and from there, they might want to show it is early morning since the Sun gives off the familiar yellow lighting. It would be more realistic if they did this in the morning with all the chaos caused by parents dropping off their kids, the gridlock traffic jam and also, haphazerd parking. But as an afterthought, maybe not because everyone would start to stand around and look at the shoot instead of being "natural extras".

This is a very simple scene. The Mom drives her kid
to school. And that's it. But requires so many crews
and gear to set up before the shoot.

As she "parked" her car, out comes the kid and she
lovingly follows him to the school

Cut! And they were not satisfied. I am not sure who
the fat guy in brown was, but judging from the sitting
position, he could be the Director. And with the viewer
screen in front of him too. While the shoot is going on
this idiot started SMSing. Not sure of this would interfere
with the equipment, especially the sound system which
picks up GSM signals when you least expect it.

So, Mommy had to go back to the car and start again.
Here, she is demonstrating the Picard Maneuver
(tugging the uniform) from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Another take and another repeat

This time, her "car" was parked even further, maybe to
show the viewers what great legs Mommy has. Or how
she parks her car in the wrong direction because behind
the Mercedes, there is a parked schoolbus in the opposite

After a brief makeup, it was time to start, again. The
fasting month must be taking their toll. She looked a
bit pissed but still she has to be professional about it

Another Picard Maneuver. I mean, what kind of mother
would wear high heels and short skirts, sending their
kid to school late in the evening, and starting them
young in sex education? Only in Malaysian TV, folks.
By this time, I got bored and it was time for the girls
to have their dinner anyway.

Kids and Sugar

Sometimes, when they're hyperactive, I suspect people think we're loading them with sugar. But I kid you not. With or without sugar, these two, beautiful daughters of mine are very very Hyperactive. When we got married and Kristine was a baby, we used to joke about not letting them out of our sights even for a few seconds.

Boy, that is so true and its not even a joke now. Sigh.

My Aunt from Australia visited a few weeks ago and
she gave us some wonderful chocolates. Seeing how
Kristine was, I did not give any to her, because the
chocolate is Rum And Raisin flavoured. Yeah, I can
really feel the rum at that time and it tasted better
than the normal crap (Cadbury's or no) we get here

Where beasts roam

As I was waiting for my vendor's call, I parked my car at the side. And I saw something over the fence. Upon closer look, it was a very strange construction, something which I have never seen before. Whoever made them must be very skilled as the round pillars are perfect. When I went to have a closer look, I can feel the strange powers emanating from these mysterious stones. Its been lying unused for a long time, and judging from the grass, perhaps it is used once a year for mayhaps some strange ceremony.

Whatever it is, it is huge and it looked abandoned, but
as they say looks can be deceiving.

Being thousands of milimetres high,
they are imposing indeed. I would
think of some strange lion beast
traversing on top of these stones
in some form of ceremony, aided
by very loud noises and some
bald headed guide with a fan. A
fall would be fate worse than Death