03072011 Trip to MidValley

Decided to go to Mid-Valley today, for reasons unknown except for just to have some fresh air. I want to do this as much as I can so that the girls do not feel so bored growing up.

One funny thing was, Kristine got hungry very
fast. And so, we got her some sushi as she had
this craze. While eating, we decided to order
some food too...

I went for some weird Pepper thing, which arrived
in a hot plate and well, sizzling. The taste is quite OK

Mommy went for some other noodle which I
forgot what it was buy something which the
girls would not touch, as usual.

Eventually, with Kristine finishing her sushi, both
girls are sill hungry. We had no choice but to get
them something hot and noodly...

Guess who was the unlucky person who had to do
DBKL duty again when they could not finish them..?

Just another 2 hour job

Took me about 2 hours to do this while I noticed some
of the construction workers looking at me. I wondered
why. Maybe its because of my lack of tools since I only
had a cutter as the rest of the material was with the
main contractor, All I had to do was just get them.
Provided I know where to look...