Interesting Websites

Here are some very informative websites I have surfed by accident today:

iPod Shuffle Hacks
2 Minutes of Experimentation

And this, when I was looking for information on the Voyager:

When you loved Star Trek Spaceships too much

Weird Dreams V

This morning, it struck me again. When I woke up, I did not remember anything except for this:

I was giving Kristine a bath and then she fell into the tub. She had a look of shock on her face, with her eyes looking at me. Like as if I let her down. I quickly pulled her out of the water and she began crying.

Well, just half an hour ago, Kristine was on the bed and tried to get down. She decided to try by climbing straight down instead of using the plastic container as a step. On her first try, she knew it was too high and decided to climb away from the edge. But the shlipped and fell head first to the floor.

Thank God there was a pillow there and I managed to break her fall by grabbing her thigh.

Kristine held Mommy's clothes for comfort