Sunday Afternoon

With whatever time I had left on Sunday, I decided to clean my termite infested models. It was still sad for me as they ate everything made of paper and left their shit on all the plastics. If I ever wanted to built the models in the original form, it would cost me a lot more to find the replacement decals and other stuff since these are limited editions or are very rare in the market nowadays.

From left to right:
Models waiting to be cleaned, cleaned models and models soaked in soap water ready for scrubbing

Some of the models I have successfully cleaned, but most, it will end up as spare parts for my weird designs since all the instructions and decals are gone.

This is the Evil Cylon Starbase from Battlestar Galactica
One of the most simplest model; glue all four (dinner) plates and some bits together

Chenweng Mechanical Pencil

It was on Sunday morning while taking Kristine out for breakfast that I spotted this unusual pencil. Yes, its a mechanical pencil.

What attracted me to it was its design at the business end, with its harsh silver grip. Looking back at the rack, the Made in China pencils come in a shade of (all transparent) blue, green, red and black. Although the grip is nice but your fingers will complain when you use it for a long period (seconds), especially if your fingers tend to slide (like me) as you will soon realise how abrasive the grip is, even though its plastic (yes, really), designed to look like aluminium.

For RM3.90 its a bit expensive but then again, its a welcome design from the "normal" stocks you see everyday at the bookshops. OK, I keep losing these when I am drawing because I tend to store them in boxes where I can never find them again for a long long time, which leads me to buying another one.

Somehow, I feel all these pencils are hiding from me............

Nice or not?

Apologies to my two friends

Hi guys, I really have to apologise for not being able to keep our appintments in the weekend. I know, I know, it was planned days ahead and I was really looking forward to it. But unfortunately, I was exhausted. Really. We had our hands full trying to keep the Little Monster from destroying both our houses and our sanity:

My side of the bed was wrecked

Kristine has her first Mac Donalds (French fries)

She crawled out of the bathtub
(In the evening, she flopped to the floor on the same stunt)

Kristine took climbing everywhere.....