Tools of the trade

I have told my guys that they have to look after their tools well because sometimes, when they really need it, it might not be functioning or there is no one else to turn to. And I do not want to waste time checking their tools every morning.

This has happened many times and I am not happy about that. The effect of such malfunction can cost the company in terms of loss of manpower, transportation costs and more importantly, customer perception in trust.

To the uninitiated, this is just a piece of wire and plastic bits. To us,
this is a very important tool which saves a lot of time when we need
to check connections or lines quickly. Outside technicians would kill
just to have it. And one of my old tech who resigned, just threw it in
his drawer. The new tech also did not care much since it is "broken"
All I had to do is to prepare the cabels and solder it back. Cheh