1/24 Tamiya Rally Driver part 1

I have started to look high and low for a lot of 1/20 and 1/24 scale figures because of the Ma.K fever. And so, finally, I found out that Tamiya has a set of very nice 1/24 Rally Driver figures (89610-Discontinued), which was originally meant for a Peugeot 206 Rally car (24236). And thanks to eBay, this was the only way I could get them.

And so, after a few day's I got this package. Since
is near, I did not have to wait for weeks
on shipping. Yay.

Practically, what you have are actually two white
sprues. One is for the figures and the other is for
their accessories.

One sprue is for the accessories such as headphones

And choice of helmets such as the open faced version

And the full face version. Which is not bad.

As I am busy with work, I have no choice but to put them away for another time.....

Petai Sandwich

OK. So I was still hungry and there is nothing more
satisfying than a petai sandwich, traditionally hand
on a food stained kitchen table.

Actually, this was leftover petai which I bought
on the way home a few nights ago. Thanks to
the modern marvel of refrigeration, they are
still humanly edible.

And since there is no other compliment to a
spread of zesty and spicy petai, I raided a
tubeful of Pringles to give it an extra crunch.