Chap Goh Mei

Today is the 15th Day after the New Year and we celebrated with a nice dinner, with another round of Yee Sang (but no Raw Salmon. Boo hoo hoo).

Roast duck, Yee Sang, Prawns and Abalone

Kristine is getting impatient for her share

This is the tinned Claypot Shark's Fin soup (which tasted more like Abalone)
And it costs us RM20. So, each "bowl" is about RM4.00
Wifey spilt a bit and they costs us 50sen. Ha ha ha ha

Trip to Pasar Road

You know, sometimes when things are incomplete, its irritates the hell out of me. I wanted to go to Pasar Road to search for that elusive PIC16F84 or the PIC16F628 chips.

I have been to Farnell and they did not have any stock although I pointed out that their "Malaysian" version website which said otherwise. Their reply is that the number shows the collective amount available in the Asia Warehouse, which is in Singapore. Rather than wait for them to take days to deliver, I decided to take my chances in Pasar Road.

But luck was not with me as most of the shops do not stock these chips.

Anyway, the Rule is, if you still insist on going there on a Sunday, these shops closes at 12 in the afternoon. By the time I got all the chores done, it was four in the afternoon, and is about to rain.

So, I braved through the heavy rain and flood (water went into my car) only to find all the shops closed save for two. The only thing I managed to get was RM5 worth of cables. Cheh.

My stock of switches and connectors, not to mention the stupid RM5 cable as well