When I came home, Kristine and Mommy was playing outside the house. Kristine was discovering the joys of bubble (outside the bathroom) for the first time. And so, I took some shots but since it was already dark, most of them, well, did not turn out well but I am still satisfied. Only problem was I could not catch most of the bubbles.

There must be something wrong with the mixture
because when I was a kid, just one small puff would
produce a lot of bubbles. And they come out in long
streams. Kristine's just comes out in fours or sevens

Still, I will not tell this to her. Let her finish the
original mixture and we'll see what we can do
with dish washing liquids. No, no shampoos.

Also, I taught her there are other ways to produce
the bubbles apart from blowing into the hoop.

After much coaxing, Kaelynn decided to give it
a try. She was not that ready to give it a go as
maybe seeing Kristine running around might
not be her cup of tea.

But, after the first puff, she won't let go!

And Kristine was none too happy about it.

After that, I had a hard time stopping her from
playing with it inside the house. By then, little
Kaelynn has gotten my Nokia 5800 and made
herself busy with the games and video clips