Passing the Buck

I have been to many clients and also personally experienced one of the most wonderful thing about communication.

"I don't know what he/she is saying. Here. You talk to him/her."

Indirectly, what they're trying to tell you is that they could not bothered about the matter at hand even if its the only thing left to do before the World ends. And so, they pass the phone over to you, in the hopes that you can magically solve the problem for them (then again, that's what they pay you for).No matter how detailed you write the instruction or even tell them in layman terms, the moment you uttered anything that vaguely resembles, "Please call this man to do this problem" or even "Can you...." Their mind would have gone blank and go into "Hey look, I am stupid" mode.

This was what happened a few days ago when the customer wants his phone system relocated to their new place. All is fine until I realised that they have not laid any cables for the phones. So, I told them to have it done before I return the next day.

What happened next was the usual cock-ups. Instead of calling the cabling company, they called the Telekoms guy instead. Who, as usual, in their, "I am the most important guy in the World, so don't waste my time, you peasant" mood, over the phone decided to let loose his temper. Being nice to the customer is one thing but being nice to this piece of crap is a waste of time. Short of threatening him with bodily harm, I told him to piss off in a loud manner since he has repeatedly told me that it is "Not his problem", refusing to listen to any of my replies.

By the time I arrived, the coward Telekoms guy has left for which I am quite certain, if he had stayed, I would have make short work of him since the whole place was littered with steel pipes. I cannot understand why a Company which touted itself as the main commnications player can have such boorish staff with attitudes of a fucked up gorilla. But then again, that is the unfortunate characteristics of a self-proclamined dominant race.