Termite attack III

The termite guy came and went. This time, they did a much better job as the one who came earlier was not so effective and he is the Supervisor somemore.

(This is what my parents told me after the termite guys told them.)

So, my Sister's room was not really affected as the termites started at the ceiling surface. Unfortunately, the kitchen was not so lucky. In two weeks time, they will return, along with a contractor to break open a hole in the ceiling for them to spray at the termites.

I'll bet dinner will taste more delicious after this.

Nose boogering

Well, what can I say?

Kiristine takes after me, especially in the nose section. Yes, she already has boogers. The dried up ones flap in and out of her nostrils everytime she takes a breath and exhales. I wonder when she will start digging her nose................

Ha. Ha. You cannot see her booger but here is something else I got....