Opening the PKD Snub Blaster

OK, I was planning to get it open for a long time. But because my girls were having too much fun with it, I was out of luck. Not only that, my Wife hates the girls playing with the guns. And anyway, after much waiting, I got my chance. Or rather, by chance. Because someone broke it and quietly hid the gun away until I stumbled onto it. Well what has been done, has been done. No point spilling more spilt milk (ha ha).

So, what this toy does is, when you pull the trigger, the "bullets" inside the chamber would glow and spin. At the same time, you will hear those machine gun noises. However, I am not sure how to activate it but there is the occasion reloading sound which comes on randomly. If you're quick on the trigger, you can do single shots.

This is a PKD Snub Blaster which has 10 rounds
And its retailing for RM7.50 a year ago. Now, its
gone and the shopkeeper told me never to come
back. Because I kept asking for more. Anyway,
like most Chinese stuff, this could be the basic
model which they would add moving barrels, a
different grip design and so on. I believe the
electronics would be the same, maybe some
would use bulbs instead of LEDs or have
different LED colours.

And this is the broken trigger.
I am not sure why Blogger so
love to turn my pictures about.

First, we take out the grip, which comprises
of two screws. Removing them gave me the
three black pieces. As the grip area is still
intact, you can custom make your own set
of grips. Wrapping torn cloth would be nice.

After more screwing around, I finally got the two
pieces open. Here, you can see how simple the
switch it, which is just a small spring/lever. The
tiny black rods can be replaced. But not now.

So, this is the picture on how the gun works;
A circuit board, a motor, a speaker and some
LEDs. That's it.

But the idea is to retain the speaker, remove the
motor and the change the LEDs to 1Watt.......

Oh, you might not notice it but there is a small weight
placed inside the bullet chamber. This is to vibrate
the gun when the trigger is pulled.

But not now. Once I have some proper sound chips, then I can start to toy around with it. But I suspect, it must need some metal weights to make it feel convincing la. Plus the plastic is so soft and brittle too.

Nokia OVI ver 2

It sucks, man. Took me the whole day to download the
bloody thing and then gives me this crap. Had to remove
it and look for the DVD-ROM to get back the old version.