Petai sandwich

As Wife was in bed, she wanted some dinner and so, one of the component in her dinner was bread. Fresh wholesome soft bread.

Which we're out of by coincidence.

So, I had to go all the way to the nearest place to get some. Which is quite far in this drizzling rain. Then I remembered I have Vee-chai and off we go, making short work out of a possible 30 minute walk into mere minutes. That is, if I had not lingered on, deciding which soft drink to get to cure my sorethroat, which crisps to get to test my throat and also, which newspaper to get to test my choking reflexes. Luckily my wallet put a stop to all that because it has enough for bread.

Came back, made the soup and toasted the toast.
That is, until Wife said she don't want the toast.
So, not wanting to waste the food, I ate it with the
remaining (yesterday's) petai. And I went straight
to the toilet minutes after that. And again, and again,
and again.....


Well, woke up this morning and was about to go for a nice Putrajaya trip as wife last night did not say "No". Unfortunately, by the time the kids woke up, Wife was sick. And the kids were a bit unwell. And I think, my Mom too.

Aw, shucks.

So, everyone is sleeping in the house, and with the moody weather, I was starting to feel a bit tired and giddy too. Yep, I feel a bit warm myself too. I was drifting in and out of sleep and a bit disoriented since my dreams look a lot like real life and vice versa. Towards the evening, Wife completely lost her voice and I had a nice bulge in my throat...

And this happened until Sunday where, thanks to the petai, I sting to high heaven.

Then I saw a box of chocolates.
Now I am sick, smelly and fat.