System Installation @ Kuantan I

So, we had to go up today, to relocate a PABX from the old office to the new building. And also, we had to expand it as there were more extensions being added. The frist night was not that productive as we were planning to complete the cabling so that the next day, we can concentrate on mounting the system. Moreover, the new stocks had arrived early in the morning but it got "lost" when the movers came.

So, after a lot of discussions, we started work.
The cables were there, so we started by mounting the junction box

You mean the system was delivered this morning and
the movers have hidden them here?

The building is closed off, so we can work in peace

But then, the Generator had problems
The lights were flickering like crazy and so, we
were asked to stop work for the night

Wow. Room 404!

At last! I finally got to taste the elusive Cadbury's Bytes
Not bad at all. Its those oat pieces you eat for breakfast
but with chocolate fillings inside

Evolution of the Clothes Hanger

The events based on this story is not true. But usually, the end result is. Then again, it might not.

In the beginning

Ah! Vat vonderful this metal tube!
I got idea! Dis vill help my fellow mankind!
He shall drink all de beer he wants and still look hunka-bubba!

In the factory
*bend bend bend*
*grind grind grind*
Mein gott! I hav done it! I prezent you, the Exerminator 5000!

The Sales Pitch
Bla bla bla bla... if you call now, you will get a free water tumbler!
Hurry now! The first 10 callers would also receive one free Waximiser 3000!

The monkey on the street
"Hello, Am I the first 10 caller? I have the money now! Hello? Hello?"
"Thank you for calling, you are the 10413th caller. All our operators are busy, please hold"
"Can I still have my free Waximiser 3000? Hello? Hello?"
"Thank you for calling, you are the 10786th caller. All our operators are busy, please hold"

First week:
Day 1: Wahoo! My Exerminator 5000 is here! I can't wait to fix it up!
Day 3: This part goes.... here... no, wait, here.... Oops
Day 5: Phew! Its done! Time to shape up!

Second week:
Day 1: Huff! Puff! This is hard!
Day 2: No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain....
Day 3: Owwwwwww! My stomach is swollen!
Day 4: What! The Doctor's Bill is this much!

Third Week:
Day 3: OK, that was great exercise
Day 4: Well, have to go on a trip.

Fourth week:
Day 5: Boy! Am I zonked! Maybe I'll exercise later...

Fifth week:
Day 1: Yipee! I got meself a party to go!
Day 2: What the......! I've gained 20 pounds!!!
Day 3: No pain, no gain.
Day 4: No pain, no gain.
Day 5: No pain, no gain.

Sixth week:
Day 1: What! I've gained another 5 pounds!
Day 2: No pain, no gain.
Day 3: No pain, no gain. No..... ah, shit!
Day 4: I think I'll skip this later....

Tenth week:
Day 3: I seem to be running out of space to hang my clothes....

Sixth months later
This is delicious but its killing me:

Maybe I have to exercise again. Do I have an exercise machine?
Do I?
Do I?

Awwwww....... its rusted now, so, I think I'll just get the new Limited Edition Exerminator 8000 Plus Gold