A typical morning...

Very simply put, this is mostly what I do nowadays...

1. Wake up and fetch Kristine to school
2. Wake up Kaelynn for breakfast if she's not up yet
3. Make breakfast for Kaelynn
4. Dry the Laundry
5. Get Mom & Dad to the Hospital
6. Check e-Mails and Forums for more sales
7. Call friends for Jobs
8. Prepare lunch for Mom
9. Fetch Kaelynn to school
10. Make or buy lunch for Dad and the kids
11. Drop by for some components
12. Fetch Kristine and Kaelynn back from school
13. Make then eat their lunch
14. Make them shower or change clothes
15. Make sure all the Homeworks are done
16. Wife takes over
17. Design stuff and bug other people to buy my stuff

Kaelynn sometimes help with the Laundry

She's always in Uniform because she is excited about going to school

Guess what I am going today?
Fried rice with sausages

When I was young, the rice would not stick but now, its more like glutinous rice.
Then again, the wok I used last time had a big fire and also, I used lotsa oil...

Kristine checking out my cooking

One of the hidden shots the girls took from my Nokia n8 when I was not looking

Oh, she loves my cooking.
Yeah, she loves my cooking

Minutes later, it was cheesy toast

I hated this toaster because it leaks cheese

Which then melts onto the metal plate and takes ages to come off

Oh, someone has taken over Kaelynn's table

How do I know?
Because the sign said so