This is not a fancy wancy picture but an image of my
Notebook's keyboard taken with a Canon Powershot A85
Yeah, bad news indeed.

After 5 weeks...........

Its the first time we get to come out to see the real World after my Wife's confinement. So, what better than to take a walk in Mid-Valley. OK, so we need to replenish our stuff as well.

See? Kristine? There are two bowls of dessert

Yeah, you have to CHOOSE
You cannot have both!

Which one is more delicious? Headache, hor?
The Mango pudding on the left or the Sea coconut on the right?


Feeling so proud getting to make her own decisions

Kristine is so happy that she does not even realise we
bought her a baby car seat. Heh

Zoids in a Box

While I was waiting for my technician to show up, I was loitering around Isetan. And I came across this new toy. It is Tomy's latest Zoids offering, following the Blox series, calling it the NeoBlox. Since I cannot read Japanese, there was one symbol which I liked best; No cutting required. Usually, when you buy a model kit, you would need some sort of cutter to free the plastic part from its frame (called the sprue)

As they're having a Sale, I got it for RM11.12 instead of the usual RM13.90. Opening the box, you'd get an instruction sheet covering all 6 models. And because of the Blox series, you can take all their parts and adapt to other Ziods models. The one I had was the CBZ-04 Harpers (Spider type)

I quickly took come photos which came out crap because I was dead tired from taking care of the two kids.

Open the Box, you get these parts

The Pilot is very different from the traditional Zoids pilot

It will take you less than 3 minutes to build this one

After playing with it, this looked more menacing
But I decided to modify it to be a 1/72 rescue vehicle
The legs/claws are important here while the two holes
at the leg will be for the two white LED spotlights

This is what the original Zoids pilots looked like

Yeah, I wanted to build this as a rescue craft too but
I just do not have the time until even now