Earthquake at Szechuan

I can't read much but the pictures do tell the whole story. You won't see it in The Star just the normal disaster pictures there. But this one is very heart rending. Students buried alive in the rubble

They looked as if they were sleeping but in reality,
they're not. Its very grim

Breaking down . . . . .

Just this morning, I had a breaking down experience. To be exact, it was the van which broke down. While I was on the way to the office, Boss called and said there is a System Down in Subang. So, I quickly made a U-Turn.

Just as I was climbing up the hill, I noticed there was a whining sound from the van. I thought it was the FM MP3 player playing up the radio. Unfortunately, the sound was still there when I turned it off. And then, I saw the van's temperature gauge which went nuts. And so, I stopped the van, called my Senior Tech (backup) to go to the Subang customer instead. And by the time I finished the call, the van was dead. Yeah, the battery's weak too.

I had to wait for Boss to come since he was using almost the same route as me to get to the office. But the time he emptied two bottles into the radiator, I was already checking the battery and filling it up with ionised water. Needless to say, we had to jump start the van and its not easy on a two-lane road. Luckily, my Boss's 4x4 managed to cross the road shoulder and onto the grass so we could use the jumper cables.

At the workshop, the cause of the overheating was due to the rust sediments in the radiator which blocked everything and they had to flush it. As for the battery, we'll have to find one ourselves since the ones offered from the workshop is a bit dear.

It was so hot, even the rubber hose is loose

The only good thing was that they found my RM10 Lens cap