PW-300GS Mobile Phone

Recently, I had the chance to upgrade my phone after saving for so long. My last phone was a Sony Ericsson T630 which, at most, had the following features which made my live bearable:
1) Bluetooth
2) Midi Ringtone
3) Camera

But now, I wanted more, espcially those that can play MP3 or .wav ringtones and have a MP3 player. Yeah, if I looked back, I really do not need to buy a new phone since it is a waste of money. However, seeing this new phone, I could not help myself. There are a few types of phones on the market now:
1) Candybar
2) Flip
3) Twist
4) Slide
5) Swing

So, this phone is a swing type. So, what made me buy this phone? I have checked the specs and none of it appealed to me. It does not have Bluetooth, limited MP3 playback, rubber keys which does not light up, flimsy swing cover, non-updating real colour screen, no caller ID, does not have a charger, no vibrate ring mode, no phonebook and lastly, side switch is easily activated. And worst of all, because there is no charger, I have to keep buying the batteries which costs me RM20 or more every few days if I want to keep using it. So, why do I still want it?

This is the PW-300GS

It stood out between my company and personal phones

Let's look at the features:
1) Attractive packaging
2) Slim design
3) Very loud designer speakers
4) Low power spectrum emitter

And since I got this phone cheap, there are some things which I am not happy with, but can be improved upon:

A) Cheap peeling paint (but this means I can customise the phone colour)
B) Colour screen does not rotate when you rotate the cover
3) Some parts are transparent which means more customisation