Swinging in the Dark

Just now, there was a lot of "sui ngai" (flying termites?) flying about in the house and near the fluorescent lights. So, we switched off the lights and went into the room where Kristine was having some fun in the dark. So, while Mommy was swinging Kristine, I started snapping away......


Please treat our Guests nicely

Before we go any further, I have to ask you to open your minds.

Once upon a time, a certain self-proclaimed celebrity came to Bolehland for a look-see. What she got was something unpleasant instead. So, she went home as fast as she can and told everyone how Bolehland pretty much sucked.

Then the problems came. She was besieged with a lot of angry response and also indirectly created a vast chasm which the Netizens of each country developed a passionate hatred for each other.

But truth to be told, it was nobody's fault other than our own.

You all know who she is and how she writes stuff in her blog. Love her or hate her, that is her style. So, naturally, her response from the trip was basically from a Tourist's Point of View (dumb or otherwise). Put yourself in her shoes. Imagine being in a Foreign Country, knowing no one and using only your wits to go places, it can be pretty frustrating and stressful. Then there is the sudden clash of culture (OK, how things were run), making mistakes and easily falling prey to the locals.

For those who has read her blogs, they would have known she was coming ("last minute"). So, if these people are so passionate about Malaysia, they would have tried to contact her and make arrangements to show her around the place, and help steer her out of any possible trouble. This is where we/you/Malaysians get the chance to show Malaysia and not leave her or any other Tourists to the undesirables.


Only if we had done that and she still did what she did, then did we have the right to say nasty things in return. Anyway, its too late for that now, what is done is done. She has gone home and also took all the bad memories with her. And we got a bitter and embarassing lesson on how much we treat our Guests from other Countries.

And where was I? Yep, I was busy dismantling a PABX in Masjid India and watching some skilled people closing a hole in the wall (without putting any skeletons inside)

This is how it began:
Part 1: I am going to KL in a few hours
Part 2: KL pretty much sucked
Conclusion: I tried to hold my tongue but I cannot take it anymore

And here are some responses (that I bother to find):

Morning obstacle course

No, there is nothing wrong with my car

I just want to climb some stairs but its in the way

Finally, I got it moved

But Daddy blocked it again

So, I just have to use the secret tunnel

It was hard work but I made it!!!