2nd Hand Cars

I got in touch with another SFTPMS member, by the name of Lucas, who is starting his hobby again after a lapse of so many years. He mentioned that he knew me when I was still hanging around Miniature Hobbies in 1-Utama in the late 90's. The funny part was, I don't really much recall his face since I was always there, looking at the models instead of people.
Reflecting back on this, I think I could have missed out on meeting a lot of people who could have steered my life. And then, maybe not. Anyway, the reason I met him was he had some old partially built models which he wanted to get rid of and so, I was willing to get some from him since I am still at the Ma.K craze. Hey, getting 2nd models for kit-bashing is like eating your own organic vege you bought from your neighbour.
These are the two models, both in 1/24, wiht one from Hasegawa's PERT's Misubishi EVO VII and Tamiya.'s Ferrari F40
The EVO is a beginning built stage and so, I shall leave it alone for the moment since I suck at cars.
The Ferarri F40 on the other hand, is almost completed and so, its ripe for my evil plans...
Just looking at it, I already have ideas. Such as, making this as truck, for farmers...
But in reality, I am thinking about its engine, which, can be a part of a building detail
Anyway, its going to the 'to-do' bin for the moment as there are more important stuff on my mind...

New Waja Tyres

New Waja 'tyres' for my weeks old shoes

Yep, its Waja brand. Never heard of it? Me neither. As long as it works, I am ok with it.
[22042012 1925]
Not sure what happened but this new format is really screwing up with my post. Sheesh, Google.

OK, I need some traction for the shoes because of some stupid embarrassing side-effect; I keep sliding around on the office's floor. Everyday, its like working in a skating rink, where every step I take, I have to adjust my center of gravity and hang on to table edges. So, I have to do something about it, and that something, is to have a RM35.00 so-called upgrade.

Yep, an upgrade which costs 50% of the price of the shoe. In other words, I had some anti-slip mat glues to the bottom of my shoes...

Cheating the Clown

OK, so we went to the Clownhouse and got some toys. Oh, yeah, we ate something funny there too. As for the girls, they got some monkey stuff instead.
See this monkey and its banana? You need to shoot the metal ball bearing into its mouth seven times before a short MacDonalds theme will be played as a reward       
And so, using old school, I just navigate the ball bearing and drop it into the mouth, seven times. Yay. That is until Kaelynn just knocked it accidentally, and I realised, you just give it 7 hard knocks, the result was the same. So, in other words, there is no optical sensor but a mechanical spring or something. I mean, I should have realised this since in mass production, an optical sensor would cost more than a simple spring.

More stuff from Pasar Road

Just want to show you some of the stuff I got from Pasar Road a few days ago. Actually, it was not impulsive buying but more like stocking up for the future project plans.

On the left is an 8-pin SOIC to DIL adaptor while on the right is another project box.

The reason I got this was I could foresee myself dabbling into the SMD version of the PIC chips and so, since it was right there in front of me, I got it. But thinking back, if I were to get it from the Internet, I could have saved about 40% but at the risk of getting the wrong item.
This is the first time I bought this 'T-box', outside from my usual electronic shop as they ran out of stock. Yes, I have actually lost my CCTV mkII tester right after I resigned from the last job as I could not remember nor locate the damn thing. All I know is that its somewhere, hiding in the house, with the corrosive battery juice leaking....
For this money I paid for, this casing can be considered splash-proof. Please understand the difference between splash-proof and water-proof. I am (maybe) going to make another CCTV tester which looked water-proof but is in fact, splash-proof.
Hey, what do you know... a battery compartment for a 9volt battery. But alas, the metal contacts does not come with the box and if I really need it, I can tell you that the monkeys in that shop could not even find one because battery contacts do not have standards in theri sizes.
OK, this is what I think was the plans for MK.III. There are more details to it and some improvements. Don't ask me because I lost this one and 'forgot' to 'scan' the original.
This is one of the plans for the MK.II because there were a lot of variations to the design, which until know, I am not even sure which is which...

And so, with these two items now with me, I am confident that if my plans go well, they will be used to their maximum capacity. In actual fact, I should try out the SOIC to DIL adaptor right now. yeah, right now. This means, I have to order some chip from the manufacturer, right now. Yeah, right now.

That is, if I want to be killed by the HM. Work comes first. Right now. Yeah, right now.